World Markets: One-Stop Destination For AI Trading

World Markets: One-Stop Destination For AI Trading

The trading industry is pretty risky, particularly for inexperienced traders. Over the years, traders have been trying to minimize risk when it comes to trading. One of the ways to do this is the modern use of artificial intelligence for AI Trading. One of the platforms that have adopted this method of trading is World Markets. 

How it works

World Markets has a team of professionals who manage customers’ accounts in case of emergencies. However, the system depends mainly on artificial intelligence to trade different forex including all major fiat currencies and Bitcoin.

To start experiencing the revolutionary trading experience in World Markets, customers just need to open a trading account. After this, they will digitally sign the trading account. This gives the team trade-only access to the account and trading can commence just 24 hours after the activation of the account.

Why World Market’s?

World Markets is one of the top trading platforms that use AI technology to automate trading while using professionals who ensure that trading does not go wrong and that emergency situations are easily resolved. This has a number of advantages that set it apart and make it a reliable platform to bring your trading dreams into reality.

  1. Profit no matter which way the market goes

As earlier mentioned, trading can be risky and conventional trading can lead to a complete loss of funds for a variety of reasons. For World Markets traders, the experience is different. This is because the AI managed trading accounts yield returns regardless of whether the market moves in a positive or negative direction.


This is made possible by the system automatically adjusting to market conditions over time to make better decisions to prevent loss where such loss is otherwise unavoidable. In fact, the platform recorded a 100% compound return in the last quarter despite the bear market that has characterized markets since the year began.

  1. Watch trading account 24/7

With World Markets, traders can monitor their accounts and watch how the trading goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This removes the anxiety of not knowing what is going on with funds invested on the platform.

The account balance can be viewed in EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, HKD, or BTC. The MQL copy trading platform is fully mobile compatible so the account can be viewed on both iOS and Android devices. This allows you to carry your account with you wherever you go and gain access anytime you want.

  1. Minimized risk

The safety of trading operations is a top priority on this platform. Therefore World Markets trading team uses advanced risk management protocol to calculate the risk of any trade before such trade is executed in the live market.

Apart from this, 2-Factor Authentication is applied in addition to military-grade encryption to prevent security breaches on accounts. The platform collaborates with Tier-1 liquidity providers and banks to ensure the highest level of security is maintained to give the assurance of a safe trading environment.

  1. Fair pricing

World Markets believes in fairplay and ensuring that customers only pay for profits made. Therefore there is no upfront payment for trades as is obtainable on other platforms. Fees are charged on profits only, which means losing trades are not charged until customers become profitable.

There are two account types, the first is a standard account for which 20% is charged, giving traders 80% of profits on deposits up to € 25,000. Gold Premier accounts are for deposits over € 25,000 and customers are charged just 10% of the interest, giving them 90% of the profits. 

  1. Fully regulated and registered

There are numerous scam platforms out there that claim to be legitimate. World Markets isn’t one of such as it is a fully regulated and registered platform, with multiple global financial awards under its belt. It is also a proud member of multiple global regulatory compliance agencies such as the European Blockchain Association, the World Blockchain Foundation, and several others, making it fully recognized. Its trading results are also fully verifiable by Myfxbook, FXSTAT, etc.