Open Scam: Yobit Cryptocurrency Exchange Publicly Pumping Coins

Open Scam: Yobit Exchange Now Publicly Pumping Coins

A recent tweet by Yobit cryptocurrency exchange has shown the exchange is actively into cryptocurrency price manipulation. Yobit in its tweet had revealed that:

“YoBit Pump in 22 hrs:  We will buy one random coin for 1 btc every 1-2 mins 10 times (total buy amount – 10 btc).”

Yobit’s Proposed Action Causes An Uproar In The Community

Coinigy, a digital currency trading platform, which connects traders to a host of cryptocurrency exchanges had in a recent tweet revealed Yobit’s plan to the community which is going to impact the values of cryptocurrencies in the market negatively.
Coinigy who definitely seems not to be in support of this act had mentioned that they are looking at taking out the Yobit cryptocurrency exchange from within their platform. Nevertheless, they need to know from the community what their take on the position is before they go ahead with the removal.
Coinigy in its statement had claimed that it was taken this action based on negative reviews by community members about the exchange, but Yobit’s recent action had called for a critical look at their consideration.

“Due to overwhelming negative experiences as documented on social media and forums, among other reasons, HitBTC [HITB] and YoBit [YOBT] are being considered for delisting from the Coinigy platform.”

The Community Wants Yobit Out

While a few still give their support to HitBTC cryptocurrency exchange, many think indifferent as they want Yobit going ahead with the removal. In respect to this, a Twitter user had cited that Coinigy, being a credible platform shouldn’t have anything to do with fraudulent exchanges such as Yobit.
On the other hand, Yobit has got a lot of comments on their announcement with one of the community members bringing to Yobit’s notice on the plan of CFTC on investigating pump and dump cases.
At the moment, Yobit has a countdown timer page with about 13 hrs to their proposed plan at the time of reporting. Though the team behind the exchange hasn’t responded to comments, they seem to be on a mission to enrich themselves with this plan.