Niftables Launches all-in-one NFT Platform for Brands and Creators

Niftables Launches all-in-one NFT Platform for Brands and Creators

NFT platform for brands and creators, Niftables has launched the world’s first all-in-one NFT platform to help creators quickly achieve their vision of creating their own white-label NFT platforms.

Although the demand for NFTs has increased significantly in the last few years, the industry standard for new creators and brands to enter is still quite high, making it difficult for most to make it.

Many face challenges with designing, developing, minting, and distributing their NFTs, which is why Niftables has launched this platform to eliminate these barriers and pave the way to NFT adoption and enable creators, brands, and individuals to create their own full-suite NFT platforms.

A number of A-list brands and creators have already started building their NFT platforms with Niftables and more announcements are coming soon. Niftables Co-founder Jordan Aitali said.

A one-stop-shop doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all. That’s why Niftables is built to let creators and brands fully customize their white-label NFT platforms from the get-go. We ensure that each creator’s NFT platform is in tandem with their branding and overall vision.


In March 2022, Niftables won the “Mass Adoption Award” at the AIBC Summit in Dubai which shows that there is huge confidence in the project. With the Niftables metamarket, the platform has been able to use the platform’s cutting-edge, custom technology, full automation of NFT utilities, and seamless front and back-end integration into an NFT network to build a reliable platform for NFT creators and brands that allows them to sell NFTs directly into the market where they are needed.

The metamarket is an addition to the many existing features to make the platform easier to use and to make Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) compatible 3D galleries which make metaverse connectivity more accessible to users. To encourage NFT adoption among non-crypto users, Niftables also added fiat payment gateway and custody solutions.

Creators have full control of their NFTs and can decide on whether they wish to distribute their digital collectibles through automated subscription services, packs, drops, auctions, instant-buy, or even a combination of all of the above. With both crypto and fiat payment available, they can also easily switch between the two at their convenience to make the use of the platform easier.

Going forward, Niftables plans to launch a cross-chain, fiat-ready, gas-free marketplace where NFT buyers and holders can buy, trade, sell, swap, and redeem their NFTs or rewards from the creators’ white-label platforms or directly from the Niftables marketplace.

Buyers can easily browse through the marketplace to see all verified white-label platforms, stores, profiles, and collections. They will also be able to buy and sell NFTs and display their 3D meta galleries. The platform will soon be integrated with OpenSea and Rarible, the two largest NFT marketplaces to facilitate more NFT sales.

$NFT token will be the currency used for payments and other transactions on the Niftables ecosystem and holders can use it on the Niftables marketplace, in customized user profiles, and on all external white-label platforms and enjoy discounts.

The token will soon launch with an initial capped supply of 500 million tokens. Initial distribution will occur over several rounds, including Seed, Private and Public. A total of 6,900,000 $NFT from the raise (plus liquidity) will be unlocked at launch which is expected later this quarter.