Next Level Trading With Bybit Amid Recent Significant Milestones

Next Level Trading With Bybit Amid Recent Significant Milestones

Bybit, one of the fastest-growing crypto derivatives exchanges, is gearing up to launch its new look to upgrade its style. The upcoming transformation will include several exciting products and services. The platform plans to launch a new Bybit logo, a new homepage design, a new UI, and a brand-new mobile interface. 

These new changes come as the platform records an increasing number of its community by twofold in the first quarter of 2021. In the last few months, the platform has seen the number of clients rise to 2.5 million, coming from more than 200 countries. The platform has also seen more than $1 trillion in total overall trading volume in Q1, a historic record of $76 billion within 24 hours in daily trading volume, more than $4.9 million in global BTC open interest, and exceeding $20 billion in ETH global volume among many more.

Bybit explains:

“We are excited to unveil our revamped platform on both desktop and mobile in 2021 — but before that, we’d like to present an improved “us” to you.”

Notably, the new logo will symbolize what the platform is all about and what they stand for.  For the logo, Bybit has chosen a bolder, fresher spin which they achieved by lifting the “I” in Bybit to represent a candlestick graph. According to the platform, the change reflects on the constant movement in the ever-changing crypto market. 


Another notable change on the platform includes the recent launch of the ByFi Center on May 24, 2021. During the launch, all contracts were sold out almost instantly with every supply renewal. The platform launched the ByFi Center to reportedly bring the best of decentralized Finance (DeFi) to its users. 

The ByFi Center opens a gateway to cloud mining, allowing users to get enhanced hash power for their virtual ETH mining. In addition, the Center offers greater profitability with fewer risks, while the cloud mining service provides users with 100% availability and no downtime.

Other updates include spot and options trading to be launched in Q3 2021, and the Bybit Wallet 2.0 that promises unlimited instant withdrawal for users.

In the coming days, the platform is also planning to host its unique trading competition, the WSOT 2021 Trading Competition. The global event is scheduled to take place in August 2021, with participants competing to take part in the prize pool of 7.5 million USDT, NFT collectibles, and many more prizes.