Nafty Adult Content Ecosystem Completes NAFTY Token Pre-Sale

Nafty Adult Content Ecosystem Completes NAFTY Token Pre-Sale

Nafty, a DeFi ecosystem embedded in the $97 billion adult industry, has announced the conclusion of the pre-sale of its governance token, the NAFTY token. Tokens were purchased by over 400 investors in fewer than 54 minutes on July 5, 2021. A total of 3 billion NAFTY tokens, equivalent to 1,000 BNB, were sold in the event, representing 3% of the total number of NAFTY tokens available. The project was funded by various investors who contributed more than $300,000.

NAFTY’s foundation lies in the Binance blockchain. As of July 7, 2021, at 12 noon EDT, the token will be available on PancakeSwap for trading. Investors can use the NAFTY token as a method of payment for adult content and services across the Nafty ecosystem.

Already, Nafty has launched four adult content platforms namely:,, Nafty. tv and also Additionally, Nafty has formed various partnerships with popular adult stars to make their exclusive 18+ content available on its platforms.

Nafty platforms will benefit adult content creators as they will add to their income sources. Consumers, on the other hand, will access the platforms’ products at a reduced fee. These advantages have been made possible as Nafty’s framework does away with intermediaries and significantly cuts down on payment processing fees.

Furthermore, a passive income opportunity is available from token holders, where they can earn from transaction fees charged on the Nafty ecosystem. Nafty charges a 4% fee on all transactions and these fees are rewarded among token holders according to their holdings’ proportion.


Alternatively, the NAFTY token can be used to tip adult content creators, purchase NFTs, and pay for subscriptions to Nafty. tv. With NAFTY being a governance token, token holders can also take part in making governance decisions, such as Nafty’s roadmap.

“We are proud and excited to have developed an ecosystem of platforms, which, along with the NAFTY token, put the power and earning potential into the hands of the creators,” said Rob Kemenyfi, Nafty’s CEO.

Another 4% fee gets locked up in the liquidity pool (LP) to cut down supply. Nafty utilizes its profits in buying back LP tokens and burning them to raise the token’s value. An additional 2% of NAFTY tokens will be pulled out from circulation to increase the token’s value.

Nafty is a decentralized “not safe for work” (NSFW) ecosystem through which content creators become empowered via blockchain. These creators can easily develop a fanbase as middlemen are non-existent and the platforms are low-cost. Nafty’s marketing tools further enable them in their endeavors.