Newly Launched BTC365 Token Offers Unique Crypto Investment Opportunity

Newly Launched BTC365 Token Offers Unique Crypto Investment Opportunity

The new BTC365 token, designed for use in the BTC365 gaming platform, is providing a unique opportunity to crypto investors to leverage cryptocurrencies’ momentum. Simultaneously, investors get to earn rich dividends from BTC365’s dividend pool.

Mainstream digital assets are still recovering from their 3-month low. Bitcoin (BTC), for instance, the crypto giant by market cap, plunged down to $30,000. This was a 50%+ dip from its record mid-April high of $64,829.

Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB), which are second and third to BTC, followed suit and shaved off roughly $200 billion from the crypto market on May 17. Since then, the three cryptos have managed to retrace between 30-85% off their May lows.

The newly debuted BTC365 token enables prospective investors to not only gain direct ownership to these volatile assets, but also to add onto their crypto rebound exposure and make handsome returns.

BTC 365 gives its users multiple chances to wager on cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. For every 1mBTC wagered, users earn 1 BTC365 token. The more the odds laid, the more BTC365 tokens gained.


Investors benefit from increased exposure to the crypto market in addition to staking their claims on BTC365’s dividend pool, comprised of some portion of BTC365’s gaming revenue. The money is rewarded to investors at a rate directly proportionate to their BTC365 token holdings, as a percentage of the current token float.

Investors interested in capitalizing on this offering are directed to create accounts on BTC354 website and make their initial deposits.

BTC365 gamers are also favored, as they now have two revenue streams. Besides winning prizes from playing on the platform, they can also take advantage of the new BTC365 token offer.

Moreover, BTC365 platform has a VIP system that rewards active users and investors with BTC365 tokens and also VIP points. Accumulating VIP points places users at a certain VIP rank where they are entitled to a greater variety of rewards as they rise in rank. Such rewards include NFTs, iPhones, Genesis Tokens and also a mining multiplier that increases earned BTC365 tokens with every unit wagered.

Currently, VIPs are benefiting from a 100% first-time deposit bonus in addition to a limited-time tiered Dogecoin distribution should they apply by July 21.