Relite Finance Implements Bridge Between Ethereum And Binance Smart Chain

Relite Finance Implements Bridge Between Ethereum And Binance Smart Chain

In a bid to further enhance the cross-chain lending services, a popular cross-chain lending platform, Relite Finance has just announced the implementation of the Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain bridge.

According to a recent press release, the development will see both networks genuinely connected together, following plans to offer an exclusive cross-chain lending experience for users.

The need for an Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain bridge has been of major concern to the Relite platform prior to the final implementation.

Demand for the bridge between both networks has been on a massive surge since the opening of the token pool on the world’s leading Binance Smart Chain DeX, Pancake Swap.

Ethereum-BSC Bridge to Improve The Functionality of Relite Finance

The newly implemented bridge between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain stands as a forerunner to prepare the atmosphere towards the launch of the full-scale Relite platform.


The launch is set to happen in 2021’s third quarter. The Ethereum-BSC bridge is designed to increase the functionality of the Relite platform which would expose it to new users thereby gaining the platform high recognition in the global market.

The platform seek to utilize the performance of the Ethereum-BSC bridge to facilitate its interoperable functionality and also reduce high gas fees.

With the Ethereum-BSC bridge, users will be offered reduced transfer fees as it would get rid of network overloads that are sometimes faced with Ethereum tokens.

“This isn’t the first time I put the main focus on the Relite platform development once we completed a successful IDO on Ignition. The Ethereum-to-BSC bridge is a vital update, demand-driven by our core values, like interoperability, sustainability, and scalability. I can assure you that the Relite team works hard to implement the best options for our developing products, so soon you’ll hear some more amazing news!” The CEO of Relite Finance, George Groshkov, expressed his delights on the new development.