New XRP Payments App Successfully Launched By Ripple-Supported Startup

"I am pro all crypto" says Changpeng Zhao as he clarifies his thoughts on being called the "leader of the XRP Army"

Making cryptocurrency as widespread as possible seems to be at the forefront of most of the projects been undertaken by Ripple. Services like RippleNet which make it easier for cross-border transacted to be easily conducted not only sees Ripple helping to solve problems but also pushes forward the adoption and use of Ripple’s XRP in the hopes that it could be the most used cryptocurrency in the near future.


This adoption is now bound to spread a bit more as a Ripple-supported start-up called XRPL Labs, has started a new mobile app, created specifically to help traders and vendors accept XRP as payment for their goods and services. XRPayments as the app is called, lets the merchant easily convert fiat into XRP for real-time rates so payment is as accurate as possible. This is made possible with an integrated converter fitted with the app.

Wietse Wind, who is the founder of XRPL Labs, announced with a tweet that the app was accepted by both Google and Apple, meaning that both the Apple iOS and Google Play Stores now have the app available for download. The tweet said:

The app currently has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store.

XRP Based Projects

The XRPayments is just one of many projects being undertaken by XRPL Labs. The other projects, which haven’t been released yet are all XRP based apps that have the potential to attract more users to XRP. The apps include,

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A fully decentralized exchange platform for XRP that gives customers the opportunity to transact XRP without the inconveniences that may stem from going through a third party exchange platform. Also, a mobile service that all customers can install on their respective devices which would let them access their funds and also send and receive the asset on the go, whenever they choose to.

Plus a full operating system for cold storage that allows holders of XRP, to create an efficient and safe app for the creation and management of their cold wallets.

Other XRP News

Xpring, an initiative by Ripple created to fund and nurture XRP projects, recently provided substantial funding to XRPL Labs. The exact amount invested is undisclosed but is said to be more than enough to run XRPL Labs for more a few more years.