Guide to Writing a Research Paper on Bitcoin: Top 6 Issues to Discuss and What to Talk About


Today, many people debate about the theme of bitcoins. It’s a cryptocurrency that exists in the form of electronic cash. The most remarkable point about this interesting currency is that fully decentralized and no middle-men control it. Accordingly, it is not controlled by banks and there are almost no restrictions. People may exchange bitcoins for the products and services they need. This case is indisputably captivating and many professors assign their students to write research papers on this topic.

Of course, you cannot simply write about the Bitcoin issue. It’s a too broad topic and you should stick to one of the main rules of topic selection – narrow it. You should identify some crucial trends that are currently relevant. You should read and analyze recent news in this direction.

For example, we advise paying attention to the matter of price. It’s always relevant for bitcoins. The price defines how much a bitcoin owner can afford. On April 12, the price of bitcoins has increased to half a percent. This is the highest point since 2016. The predictions of specialists are pretty promising for most bitcoin owners. It will slightly rise and thus, will benefit many companies.

Ethereum is the biggest bitcoin holder and it enjoyed growth. Simultaneously, Ripple, the second bitcoin holder, has lost more than one percent of its funds. These figures aren’t meaningful today. However, the tendency is clear. It may sufficiently enhance somebody’s budget and bring to ruin the business of others. You can base your research paper on the issues of pricing. According to predictions of experts, the price may range between $20,000 and $64,000 per bitcoin.

While you research this matter, you should mention the potential influencers of the price. Thus, mining is currently the biggest factor that makes the price increase. The new generation of hardware rig is the reason for that. Of course, you can select other topics and we’ll tell you how many variants you have.


However, it’s a tricky question too. Many experts doubt that it’s possible to predict the price of bitcoins. The main argument is the absence of the controlling power that can establish pricing on firm conditions. When we talk about common cash, it is centralized by banks. Cryptocurrency has no such a controller and the price may either go up or down.

Simultaneously, there are certain triggers that can affect price policy. These are stable-coins, the involvement of different institutions, and simply a better understanding of bitcoin fundamentals. Moreover, if one goes gossiping that electronic currency will increase in price many people may believe that and induce this smart and tricky prediction.

A Bitcoin Research Paper – Interesting Topics to Cover

We have a list of current trends that are relevant in the year 2019. Consider the next research topics offered by CustomWritings, a professional paper writing service:

  1. Security. It’s necessary to determine the safest ways to protect cryptocurrency. These may be traditional security tokens, as well as something new and unique as bitcoin itself.
  2. Centralization. Many people don’t like the idea of decentralized existence of bitcoins. The others claim that it’s simply unfair and business should be conducted in a standard and well-known way. Therefore, many people vote for implementing a clear bitcoin regulator. As variants, experts suggest choosing funds or private keys given to all bitcoin owners. It’s important to determine a fixed measure of valuation. Many investors don’t trust bitcoins due to the lack of control. Centralization may be a good way out.
  3. Stablecoins. This is an interesting matter because it can bring stability to the world of crypto trading. Every owner of bitcoins has to pay a strict fiat currency. Many businessmen and huge corporations lost much money due to unfortunate and disappointing changes in the market in the previous year. There are consistent price swings and everybody wants to stabilize them. Thus, the invention of stable-coins can resolve this issue. There is also a suggestion that the US dollar should be the only measure of bitcoin value. Today, it’s measured by every possible world currencies.
  4. Enhancement of bitcoin dominance. Nowadays, bitcoin is pretty vulnerable. Its value may be steadily increasing from day to day. However, due to some unexpected factors, it may drastically drop in price. There are many altcoins that cause such swings. Altcoins are all possible alternatives to bitcoin. They take so to speak the upper hand. Thus, many people claim that bitcoin should step up and receive more rights. This will help it to enhance in value over all its alternatives.
  5. Mainstream adoption. Many experts state that it’s necessary to launch special measures that will help to stabilize bitcoin. These should be some mainstreams that will effectively function for many a year. For example, user-friendly applications may increase efficiency. Some companies create special apps that help to quickly work with bitcoins. It’s a reasonable step because all modern people use smartphones and tablets every day.
  6. Predictions. You can cover possible changes that will take place in the future. They may be related to pricing, social acceptance, new improvements, possible crash, etc.

There is much food to chew on. You’re free to cover any of these trends. We are sure that you’ll surely enjoy success because there is much data for each topic. Simply make a proper analysis and compose a meaningful and impressive research paper.