New Dapp Platform has showcased its first decentralized application

New Dapp Platform has showcased its first decentralized application

On June 22, the crypto community has witnessed the launch of the first Dapp of Credits blockchain platform. This Dice game is based on transparency and fairness. It is a great event for Credits that places it on a par with the decentralized application platforms like EOS, Tron, IOST worldwide. The game is run on a decentralized P2P network and uses Credits (CS) coins that can replace an untrustworthy centralized consensus and have functions that bitcoin and several others are not capable of. Credits Dapp allows to code out the transaction intermediaries and is more efficient and beneficial for users.

Crypto Dice is an easy-to-play game with high winning odds on Credits Blockchain Platform that was created in order to demonstrate platform’s capabilities. The rules of the game are simple: place a bet, determine the number you are going to bet, know whether you are going to roll over or roll under and hit the roll the dice button. The game also gives the advantage of adjusting almost everything, including the betting amount and betting odds.  The objective of the game is to predict the outcome of every roll. Dice, just like any other gambling game, is a game of pure luck.

Online gambling is a fast-growing global market. Nowadays, when almost one in two has a device with Internet access, the question of fraud becomes even more acute. Many people consider online gambling unfair and do not trust online casinos because they lose more than they win. It often happens to owe the lack of transparency that leads to odds spoofing. High fees, both commissions charged by the payment system and the house-cut rates, are a further disadvantage. Therefore casinos do whatever they can to gain more profit and to bleed their players dry.

As for blockchain, this technology is starting to come about in the modern world and offers to solve problems in all kinds of industries. The same thing goes for gambling. First of all, through the ability to store records and bets, results of the game and the amount that the player won. With blockchain players always can get access to transaction history and ensure that the system paid out everything that was due. As a result, the decentralized approach allows building trust avoiding possible frauds. This is exactly what the modern player is looking for and this must be the key issue in online gambling. 

The Credits is a blockchain platform that offers a decentralized solution for the gambling industry and allows to increase confidence in gaming services through transparency. Such technology has the following advantages:

  • A guaranteed remuneration payment in case of a victory and the organizer or anyone else will not be able to prevent it. 
  • Reliability of the formation of random values. A smart contract on the Credits blockchain is used as a random number generator.
  • Absence of intermediaries and banks. Direct interaction between the player and the casino when transferring the cryptocurrency.
  • Casinos work in a global network, as well as a blockchain platform. There are no borders typical of fiat money.

All of the foregoing in conjunction with Credits high transaction speed, optimization, low fees and confirmation time enables Credits to create reliable and secure Dapps based on available and user-friendly Java language. Credits blockchain technical advantages allow the platform to be unique in the blockchain market and make it the game changer in creating products and providing services for a wide variety of industries.

Please follow this link to check up the Dice game. In order to get access to the application, you have to install the following browser wallet extension Ceser. Instructions are available here.