Moon Rabbit partners with Foresight to Accelerate Longevity Research

Moon Rabbit partners with Foresight to Accelerate Longevity Research

Moon Rabbit is partnering with a longevity research institute, Foresight to further research longevity studies. Moon Rabbit is rising above the usual financial focus of crypto to contribute towards helping to give humans a better life.

The project seeks to democratize access to technologies that lead to a longer life for people and is committed to creating a decentralized enabling environment for them to thrive. It seeks to become a springboard upon which the longevity industry can monetize and grow itself by selecting promising projects using crypto and web3 technologies and providing them with the connections and resources they need to excel which they cannot find anywhere else.

Foresight, the research institute that Moon Rabbit is partnering with, has been carrying out research on technologies that will improve human lives for more than 30 years. Moon rabbit will be able to allocate grants and research funding towards “preventing or curing almost every disease and injury, including the currently inevitable disabilities of aging.”

As part of the collaboration, Moon rabbit will be sponsoring the Fellowship class of 2022 for a one-year program that gives leading young scientists, engineers, and innovators in emerging new technologies a platform to find the support they need to actualize their ideas.

Foresight partners with top scientists in Nanotech, Biotech, Computation, Neurotech, and even Space research that will come together to brainstorm ways to harness current advances in technology to develop new capabilities and applications for the betterment of mankind. 


The institute has also placed itself naturally ahead of its peers by embracing web3 technology and unlocking the full potential of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and web3 data processing and storage. Moon rabbit is using this to support longevity studies by providing funding for longevity studies.

Digital innovators are now venturing more into longevity studies than at any other time. This has led to an increasing number of life-extending technologies at unprecedented rates. Longevity industry leaders say that humans will be able to live longer and better lives in the near future and Moon rabbit is the world’s first crypto project dedicated to the search for longer life. As a fork of Polkadot, the project is interoperable and highly scalable.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has backed both Unity Biotechnology and Altos Labs. Richard Heart, the founder of HEX, has shown to be a huge supporter of the SENS Research Foundation (SRF).

Founded by Angel Versetti, a leader in the longevity movement and a major supporter of web3, Moon rabbit is determined to make sure that long life is made accessible to all regardless of their social or financial status. To do this, he is working on building a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will create on-chain governance, project management, and monetization strategies for IP” (Intellectual Property). Moon rabbit will see to it that no stone is left unturned or blockchain left untouched in the quest for a longer and better life for all.