Bridge Network’s IDO Debuts On TDX Launchpad

Bridge Network's IDO Debuts On TDX Launchpad

Bridge Network, a cross-chain super dApp that enables seamless transactions between ecosystems is excited to announce the launch of its IDO on the TDX launchpad.

The long-anticipated Bridge Network IDO will be partially conducted on the TDX launchpad as of April 8, 2022. Notably, the team behind Bridge Network chose the TDX launchpad because it provides retail investors easy access to the project. The TDX launchpad was created through a partnership between TradeDog and IBC Group. The launchpad was created to serve one purpose: Mass Crypto Adoption. Unlike others in the market, the TDX launchpad does not require staking its native token.

The news comes days after Bridge Network successfully raised $3.8 million in its private funding round that was backed by MEXC Global, FTX Ventures, Master Venture, Blockfinex, Vulcan forged, GDA Capital, and many key industry investors.

Bridge Network introduces a unique experience to the multichain world with a secure, scalable, and robust infrastructure to simplify the complexities behind moving cross-chain. Bridge Network’s goal of building a cross-chain hub is to “provide a frictionless and trustless environment for users to transact without the hassle of switching between protocols to complete what should be simple transactions.”

First, Bridge Network seeks to solve broken user experiences on a multi-chain by creating a unified and frictionless user experience. Traditionally, users have to use different platforms to transfer fungible and non-fungible assets which has proven to be a tiresome undertaking. However, through Bridge Network, users can perform cross-chain transactions from one easy-to-use interface and fully integrated suite of Bridge tools.


Bridge Network aims to become a one-stop shop for all major cross-chain activities by providing the tools a user needs to transact in the multichain world. The Bridge Network is made of 6 main tools which include an NFT bridge, a cross-chain trading platform, a token bridge, a cross-chain farming platform, a tokens wrapper, and a multi-chain explorer.

Bridge Network also seeks to solve security issues in centralized cross-chain protocols and asset scalability on cross-chain protocols (CCPs). Bridge Network solves these issues through its multichain asset issuance portal that enables tokens issuers to take their tokens multichain without the need for manual integration. In addition, the network is uncontrolled and maintains security by ensuring all validators run the same process upon getting the various off-chain and on-chain events.