Meet The Japanese Man Who Is Making a Living From Mining Cryptocurrency in His Company's Dorm Room

Meet The Japanese Man Who Is Making a Living From Mining Cryptocurrency in His Company's Dorm Room

“Virtual currencies are processed cryptographically, a miner is the machine that supports this encryption process. If you mine Bitcoin, you can process 12.5 bitcoins in 10 minutes, which would be the equivalent of 10 million yen, (US$ 90,000). If you mine Ether, you can make 3 ether worth 200,000 yen (US$ 1,800) in 10 minutes.”
These were the words of Sora-san to the Japanese media outlet Daily SPA. Sora is a Japanese man who is taking advantage of the abundant power supply provided by a top manufacturing Japanese company where he works.
He sure is at luck in terms of power supply as cryptocurrency mining tends to consume enormous amounts of electrical energy as such China and Mongolia is the most ideal place to mine cryptocurrency.
The Japanese resident who intends to eventually broaden his mining activities is not only mining without the consent of the Company but also working with a few of his colleagues to produce a fair amount of cryptocoin on a daily basis. More interesting is the fact that all his mining activities are carried out in the Company’s dorm room where he lives.
Sora who had been mining cryptocurrencies since January 2018 termed his extra income as “free money” disclosing that all the major work was carried out by the machine. He further revealed that his monthly profit from mining was up to 0.8 Ethereum an equivalent of $500.
He seems to have skillfully masked his trail as he revealed that the company is unlikely to trace any abnormalities. Confidently speaking, he continued :
Now that I found out that I can mine in my room, I am planning to extend installing miners in the rooms of my close colleagues. Because the company dormitory includes 100 employees, even if the electricity bill rises a little, it won’t get noticed.
Although Sora-San’s “undercover events” may have recorded success for the past six months, a crucial factor to puzzle about is the possibility of risking jail time as one Japanese resident was recently arrested for remotely mining cryptocurrency using other people’s computers without their consent.