Market Forecast: ‘Bitcoin Likely To Hit $60k+, BNB Over $200 In This Coming Uptrend’

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Bitcoin is in what has been described as a bull run that may surpass any previous bull market in the history of Bitcoin’s existence. It is projected that Bitcoin will easily surpass the 2017 high of $20,000 in the ongoing market. Cryptocurrency analyst Josh Rager says Bitcoin has the potential to exceed $60,000 in the coming uptrend.

Bitcoin has been up over 130% this year and still pumping. At the projected price of over $60,000, it will have climbed 500% from the current price according to Josh Rager. While this will not be Max Keiser’s anticipated $100,000 price, it will surely go a long way towards realizing that price.

Bitcoin Chart
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Already, Bitcoin is trading at over $10,500 and analyst Boxmining says this might be the last time that Bitcoin will ever be priced below $10,000. Several others have expressed the same confidence that Bitcoin will cross the crucial price possibly today and even go beyond that right away.

As a way to Rager’s price projection, David Gokhshtein sees a major FOMO breaking out beyond $10,000 that will cause a major rally. This rally could take Bitcoin up to its 2017 price and possibly go beyond that based on the current market sentiments. Max Keiser’s short term price target of $28,000 may also be closer than expected.

Additionally, Rager says BNB may be worth over $200 by the time Bitcoin hits this price level. BNB has been like the Bitcoin of altcoins, at a point being referred to as the new Bitcoin. Its price gains have been phenomenal and at the time of writing, it is one of the top gainers among the top ten cryptocurrencies.


Although Bitcoin dominance has not been very friendly towards altcoins, most of them are still doing well up to this moment especially Ethereum which has the highest gain of over 9% in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin is currently valued at $10,839 and may be able to reach $11,000 before tomorrow. If it does and the analysts’ forecasts are true, this may open the door to a brand new season for the number one cryptocurrency and who knows what may happen next?