Binance Coin (BNB) Gains Traction as a top Digital Asset, Tron’s Justin Sun Calls It The “New Bitcoin”

Binance Coin Gains Traction as a top Digital Asset, Tron's Justin Sun Calls It The

Binance is establishing itself as one of the driving forces of the cryptocurrency world. The exchange is one of the most popular digital assets hubs and keeps expanding with new features and services.

Binance coin offers a number of advantages to its holders so it holds value within the exchange, and is even becoming widely recognized outside of the exchange as a valuable asset. BNB has also been added to other popular exchanges, which further adds to its value. But what is expected to really make Binance coin take off is the launch of Binance’s decentralized exchange.

The team at Binance seems to be good at responding to trends in the space, and decentralized exchanges are becoming increasingly in demand. Binance is making security and ease of use the main priorities of the project as they are aiming for industry-wide use. And with BNB used as the native currency of the Binance DEX, the value of the digital asset is expected to climb as the site’s user base grows.

Even Forbes has taken notice of Binance’s success and BNB’s event gains. They highlighted the recent positive developments at Binance, which prompted an appreciative response from CEO Changpeng Zhao.

Binance is rightly generating plenty of buzzes as they continue to shape the cryptocurrency scene.


Mati Greenspan, the Senior analyst at eToro, has definitely taken notice of Binance’s industry dominance.

“Binance coin has been able to buck the crypto correlations principally because people buy it as a way of speculating on industry growth. If the markets are moving it means people are trading, and Binance has a big share of those volumes.”

BNB still has ways to go before it’s at its major all-time high, but the coin has outpaced most of the cryptocurrency market recently. Binance should remain atop the cryptocurrency world for the foreseeable future, especially with all of the positive developments the company has been making.