Bitcoin Can Still Get To $100k A Piece – Bitcoin Permabull Max Keiser

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Bitcoin is looking good this month, and not just to the regular fans. Even influencers like Max Keiser have noticed the trend. Max has been one of the many people that have supported Bitcoin and have been bullish all through the troubles of the crypto winter. In fact, back in 2018 when Bitcoin wasn’t doing very well, Max was quoted as saying that the crypto would go on to achieve a target of $100,000 per coin.

It’s Bull Market

On Tuesday, during a recent interview with Kitco News, Max stuck to his guns, reiterating his 2018 bullish stance. According to him, all indicators right now point to a potential bull market for Bitcoin. And he does have a point, especially seeing as Bitcoin has gained by over 120% since the beginning of this year.

In May alone, Bitcoin added a cool $2,000 within a week. In fact, of the 120% Bitcoin growth in 2019, 83% has happened in April and May, with the current surge scoring the biggest. Going on, Max argued that the crypto’s full potential yet to be unleashed.

Warren Buffett Is So Wrong

While working up the drums for Bitcoin, Max grabbed the chance to throw a jab at non-coiners and Bitcoin pessimists like Warren Buffett. Just a short while ago, Buffet threw shade on Bitcoin, calling it “rat poison squared” and “a gambling device.” Bitcoiners like Max don’t seem to have taken that kindly.

In his argument, Max explained that people like Warren Buffett don’t have the brain power to understand the intricacies of the power of Bitcoin because they’re so used in their ways that they can’t adapt to new things. On that, Max isn’t alone. In 2018, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said people like Buffett are just too ignorant about cryptocurrencies.