LISK’s "Malicious Bug" Which Caused MainNet Shutdown Has Been Rectified


A Redditor, u/Arkenstone0forever had recently reported a malicious bug which may have caused Lisk tokens being lost in transactions on the blockchain. This issue was discovered as a lot of Lisk transactions on the blockchain had not been appropriately initiated.
In the space of 24hrs, the team had moved swiftly in response to this and have resolved the issue without any Lisk tokens being missing on the blockchain.
The issue which lasted some few hours came along with a couple of problems. First of all, transactions on the network weren’t being confirmed. Secondly, transaction IDs were not generated.
These two significant problems got those who had initiated transactions asking questions about what would happen to their sent funds. The blockchain at the time had technically ground to a halt and could have caused permanent damage to the network if not attended to swiftly.

Battle Of Two Giants; Ark and Lisk

As allegedly reported by another Redditor, u/BelgianPolitics that Ark holders were giving comments downvotes. The Ark community probably had reacted this was to say this kind of stuff wouldn’t have happened on their platform and therefore saying Ark was more superior to Lisk.
The Reddit user who had complained about the downvotes had previously announced that the issue had been taken care of and the Lisk blockchain was now back to normal.
“There are no funds missing. There was an issue that has been resolved.”
Further in his comment, and also having other community members to support his point, he called the Ark community a pathetic and toxic one grouping them alongside Verge and EOS.

“It’s absolutely pathetic how low some ARK holders like you are. One of the most toxic communities in all of crypto together with Verge and EOS.”

How This Has Affected The Lisk Cryptocurrency Price
Many have commended the team for a job well done, and most especially for repairing severe damage without causing more troubles for everyone.
Fortunately, the news did not cause any negative impact on the price of Lisk (LSK) token whatsoever. Instead, we have seen a 5.14% rise in the price of LSK in the past 24 hours.
This is great as community members do not care about what had happened and above all, they now trust the team in charge the more to swiftly attend issues in future.