LinkedIn List: Ripple Gets Position 7 In The List Of The Best Startups In 2018

LinkedIn List: Ripple Gets Position 7 In The List Of The Best Startups In 2018

The crypto world seems to have come a long way to penetrate various business circles in the global market, but it’s Ripple that’s making some real ripples. In the list of LinkedIn’s 2018 list of the coolest startups, Ripple bagged 7th Position, a feat that says a lot about just how much crypto startups have advanced. Ripple is a blockchain technology start up based in San Francisco.
Among the top 50 performers in the list, Ripple was among 5 crypto startups. Others included Robinhood (position 6), Consensys (position 26), Coinbase (position 3), and Gemini Trust Company (position 25).

Buildings Partnerships And Enticing Customers

Ripple is only 6-years-old, and it’s already making quite some friends. Indeed, the friends of Ripple come as business partners, with the latest connection being from Brazil. Ripple is partnering with Brazil’s BeeTech to employ its blockchain technology to ease cross-border funds transfer.
This new development boosts prospects of an XRP price surge as Ripple expands its customer base. Currently, Ripple already serves about 100 customers worldwide. Last quarter, Ripple was adding about 2 new entities to its customer list every week.  Of these, huge and popular banks like Standard Chartered and Santander are already in the list of Ripple’s customers.
BeeTech offers an online platform for international fund transfer called Remessa Online, as well as BeeCambio –an online-based currency exchange platform. Ripple aims to use its blockchain technology to scale up these services, and it’s pretty clear that both Ripple and XRP fans are excited about it.
With Ripple’s support, BeeTech will now have the capacity to facilitate instant funds transfer between Brazil and the rest of the world. This will also boost confidence in its market and enable it to introduce new products and services. In fact, XRP price is already feeling the effects of the new development, with the value scaling up by 3% within the last 24 hours.
With the exponential growth, Ripple is also expanding its workforce. At the moment, the company has about 250 employees worldwide. That’s according to the company’s information available on LinkedIn. Plans are underway to add 75 more personnel to its workforce by the end of 2018. All facts considered, things are really looking up for Ripple and XRP.