Lightning Network Growing as Bitcoin Rallies

Bitcoin Lightning Crosses Another Milestone of 608 BTC Network Capacity, Adding 15 Percent Over the Last Month

The Lightning Network is lauded by its proponents to be the ultimate fix to any scaling problem Bitcoin will encounter. It is an added layer to the Bitcoin protocol. The added layer is intended to create a faster channel to make payments.

The scaling issue is seen as Bitcoin’s biggest hurdle, but the Lightning Network provide instant payment solutions that will allow people to use Bitcoin to buy something as simple as a cup of coffee.

Twitter user @kerook Noted the growth the Lightning Network has been experiencing.

Perhaps one of the most important endorsements the Lightning Network has received came from Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey has already stated his belief in Bitcoin as the native currency of the internet. His statements excite many in the space and now his latest comments on have caused even more growth.


As the Lightning Network expands its reach, using cryptocurrency will only get easier. Mass adoption will certainly be aided by the ability to use Bitcoin in everyday settings. Anthony Pompliano recently hammered home the fact that traditional credit card companies could lose out to Lightning Network and all of the advantages it offers.

If everyone just remains content to “HODL”, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will never become the norm. Ultimately, great use cases and solving current problems is what will cause adoption. If people realize that they could save money and time by using tools such as the Lightning Network, then and only then, will they decide to use it.