Leading Decentralized Finance Firm HyperDAo Announces Launch of Token Sale on OKex

Leading Decentralized Finance Firm HyperDAo Announces Launch of Token Sale on OKex

HyperDAo, a major player in the decentralized financial sector recently announced the sale of its token. 

The financial platform revealed the sale will be on the OKEx platform Jumpstart on February 25.

Effective Collaboration

The healthy relationship between HyperDAo and OKex just went a notch higher with the introduction of the new HyperDAo token.

The new token sale will be the 10th of such on the OKex platform and so far the second decentralized finance project collaboration with the crypto exchange.

Peculiarity of HyperDAo

The rise of Decentralized Finance is monumental and a force to be reckoned with in the cryptocurrency community. 


The benefit of this new and open door technology is amazing and a golden opportunity for other financial applications to join the latest trend.

The new technology offers a whole new idea that can aid in achieving transparency, fairness, and sustainability 

HyperDAo’s benefits outweigh its major competitors in the industry. The exchange in three years has helped well over 50 projects achieve its funding goals and also boasts of not only a large community but well over one million loyal users worldwide.

Furthermore, the exchange has devised a means to ease the way for more users to get access to loans, credit, and other financial services.

To achieve this HyperDAo has developed a P2P loan infrastructure that tends to offer less advantaged individuals access to obtain credits or by allowing them to generate income through small and medium scale businesses or through other innovation and incentives.

The exchange has also assured users of its readiness to secure their funds, while also reiterating the fact that it has put in place contingency plans in readiness for any eventuality.

Explaining the motive behind this new concept, CEO of OkEx, who also doubles as the founder of HyperDAo stated that:

“OKEx believes in Decentralised finance and this is what we are endeavoring to develop. We are glad to partner with HyperDAo who shares the same idea and thought as ours.

HyperDAo brings to the industry, a new series of new life applications. I’m always fascinated by the fact that there are many innovators out there and it’s our dream at OKEx to help them achieve their goals.”

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