John McAfee Shows Some Love For An Upcoming Project Based On The Tron Blockchain

John McAfee Shows Some Love For An Upcoming Project Based On The Tron Blockchain

Justin Sun is always reminding the cryptocurrency community that Tron has been exploding in regards to the number of new platforms that are being built on the protocol. BitTorrent Speed is just around the corner and expected to bring millions of new people into the blockchain industry.

BTT is getting listed on dozens of exchanges while Tron’s DApp numbers continue to grow. Furthermore, the Hard Fork update is expected to enhance the security and performance of Tron. Overall, a slew of positive developments has been flowing out of the Tron world lately.

Now the rest of the cryptocurrency space may finally be starting to notice that Tron is building a bunch of legitimate projects. One of the crypto’s most prominent figures, John McAfee just shared his thoughts on one Tron venture in particular.

McAfee professed his love for the idea behind VibraVid, an upcoming decentralized content sharing platform. Specifically, McAfee loves the abilities artists and creators get when using a decentralized platform.

He told ZyCrypto that the concept puts the power back in the correct hands.


“Anyone who has followed my tweets and videos knows I’m a music aficionado, and I’m especially fond of underground music. The BeatzCoin gives the artist’s control over their creation. This is as is should be.”

VibraVid is aiming to be a decentralized answer to the industry giants like YouTube. The model will flip the monetization of content upside down. With a decentralized platform and an economy powered by BTZC or BeatzCoin, both the content creator and consumer will see benefits as content can be delivered directly from artists to users.

VibraVid will give musicians a way to upload, store, market, rent and sell their content to users. BeatzCoin is the cryptocurrency that fuels the platform. Creators and users to exchange them on VibraVid for songs, videos, and other forms of digital content.

This is just another example of the expanding usage that Tron has been experiencing. Usage is growing by the day. In fact, TRONbet is the number one DApp in volume across all platforms with over $36 million of action in a week. As developers continue to put in the hours, expect to see all kinds of new and useful tools popping up on Tron’s decentralized web.