John McAfee Praises Ethereum, Monero, And DAI While Branding Bitcoin As ‘Worthless’

John McAfee Praises Ethereum, Monero, And DAI While Branding Bitcoin As ‘Worthless’

Famed computer programmer John McAfee believes the top cryptocurrency is basically worthless. He said this on Twitter a few hours ago while applauding ethereum, DAI, and Monero.

As you may remember, McAfee was once a staunch bitcoin advocate before doing a 180 on the king of cryptocurrencies.

“Bitcoin Is Worthless”

John McAfee took to Twitter yesterday (April 4) to laud the Jack Dorsey-led social media platform. He explained that Twitter is the platform of choice for the United States President Donald Trump, other political leaders and himself, making it the only one that’s worth using. 

One Twitter user pointed out that the main reason McAfee has a huge Twitter following is because of bitcoin.

McAfee, however, disagreed. He basically stated that the OG cryptocurrency is “worthless”.


McAfee was a BTC lover but had a sudden change of a heart this year. The controversial antivirus guru is best known for predicting that one BTC will be worth more than one million dollars by the end of 2020. He even promised to eat his own penis on national television if this did not happen.

In October last year, McAfee changed his prediction to $2 million by the end of this year, claiming that if it doesn’t then “mathematics itself is a flawed disappointment”.

Nonetheless, McAfee came out earlier this year saying that his overly optimistic BTC price prediction was just a ruse intended to attract new users. 

All Hail DAI, Ethereum, And Monero

John McAfee has clearly moved on from bitcoin, which he has previously termed it as the “true shitcoin”. In another tweet yesterday, he cites that privacy coins (like Monero) and stablecoins will soon be the main ones that most people use.

Responding to a Twitter user who said that Monero is not widely used, McAfee asserted that it is used by “tens of thousands” of people who don’t use paper currency, banks or credit cards anymore.

McAfee further noted that it is very easy to buy stuff like hotels, homes, food, and many more with Monero, ethereum, or DAI. 

DAI is a decentralized stablecoin developed by ethereum-based MakerDAO and it is pegged to the US dollar. This cryptocurrency is clearly one of McAfee’s new favorites. Just two days ago, McAfee offered a $500 reward in DAI for anyone who posts the best photo of vacant highways and cities if they are still able to leave their houses during quarantine to get essential supplies.

All in all, if his $1 million BTC prediction which he had stuck with for years was all a ruse, his new love for ethereum, DAI and Monero could easily be a ruse too. Thus, anything he says should be taken with a large pinch of salt.