Japanese Crypto Exchange SBI Virtual Currencies Delists Bitcoin Cash to Protest BSV delisting by Binance, Shapeshift

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While it seemed like there was no hope for Bitcoin SV (BSV) in the new wave of delisting, a Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange SBI Virtual Currencies has delisted Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in protest of Binance and Shapeshift actions against BSV.

The exchange announced today that BCH will be rooted out on its platform by the end of June, according to a press release by the management. SBI Virtual Currencies seems to have close ties with BSV and so this may be seen as a solidarity move.

BSV has suffered a price decline of over 20% in the last 24 hours because of delisting from Binance and Shapeshift exchanges. Bitcoin Wallet has also withdrawn support for the asset and it is expected that more exchanges will delist in soon.

Meanwhile, leading crypto exchange OkEx has made it clear that it will not delist BSV. this came in a series of tweets from the exchange today 16 April. In one of the tweets, the company stated;

“As a neutral platform, OKEx respects the efforts of all dedicated teams in advancing the technology of Bitcoin and has no inclination to certain technical directions.”

The team said they have no reason to delist BSV as the asset still meets its listing conditions and has no technical fault to warrant delisting. It appears OkEx is the only exchange so far that has openly challenged the action of Binance and said no to the sentiments leading to the delisting of BSV.


It is interesting to see that BSV now has some exchanges on its side and that means the battle is now a fair one. This may be the beginning of delisting for BCH as well if more exchanges decide to side with SBI Virtual Currencies.

Meanwhile, Kraken is expected to be the next to delist BSV as it already conducted a poll on Twitter to let the crypto community decide if it should take down the asset or not. If Kraken does delist BSV, this could worsen the situation and make the challenge more severe than it already is. Who will be delisted next? BCH or BSV and by which exchange?

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