Is XRP Still A Promising Investment? Answers From A Twitter Banter

XRP To Hit $300 In 9 Months If 2019 Goes The 2017 Way

Things are finally looking up for the crypto space especially for the top coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, XRP doesn’t seem to be gaining steam like most others despite it being the number 3 crypto on the charts. This impasse has many XRP fans frustrated, although a majority of them still maintain a positive outlook about the crypto’s future.

According to one Twitter user who also happens to be an XRP fan, it’s still too early to start complaining about XRP. The crypto is still in its early stages and the industry is still figuring out the best use cases for it. The user compares the current XRP situation to discovering oil and not knowing how to use it.

Meant To Be Used Or To Be Sold?

While various crypto players and blockchain-based companies have stepped up efforts in coming up with various use cases for cryptocurrencies, some crypto fans are still adamant that these coins aren’t really meant to be used as currency.

According to one user on twitter commenting on the above-mentioned thread about XRP, the crypto is meant to be traded or sold as opposed to using it as currency. To put his point in perspective, the user references Bitcoin’s 10 years in the crypto market, saying that at the moment, you can only gauge Bitcoin’s success by how much you can sell it for as compared to years ago.

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Doubters With Zero XRP

Still, there’s no shortage of XRP supporters on Twitter, with some claiming that those who keep castigating XRP are doubters who don’t know much about the crypto’s market dynamics. According to one user commenting on a tweet, most XRP doubters have no idea about XRP’s path-finding features or even the XRP Ledger.

XRP Comes Last But Pumps Hardest

In a separate tweet, another Twitter user had a rather radical opinion. According to her, XRP has been known to be among the last of the cryptos to react to market pump. That opinion is probably inspired by the current bullish atmosphere in the crypto market. A lot of the top cryptos are gaining, but XRP doesn’t seem to be getting much from the bullish movement.

According to this user, XRP has in various occasions been the last to react to market forces, but its reaction is always one of the best. Quoting her exact words, ”XRP usually pumps last and usually pumps the hardest.”