Fascinating Bitcoin (BTC) Fun Facts

Fascinating Bitcoin (BTC) Fun Facts

Digital currencies have changed how business is carried out worldwide. Since the introduction of Bitcoin in 2009, crypto veterans and new entrants have jumped into the cryptocurrency craze with the hope of making some quick cash.

Bitcoin is an interesting coin. For instance, its creator is still unknown as they used a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakomoto. Some people believe this could have been an individual or a group of developers. It is also a mystery why the creator opted to conceal their identity.

Contrary to popular belief, Bitcoin was not the first digital currency. That’s right! The first digital currency was DigiCash which was first developed by David Chaum in 1989. The nature of Bitcoin is intriguing, it has a controlled supply of 21 million coins. It is interesting to note that it is predicted all of the existing Bitcoins will not be mined until 2140, and yet 80% have already been mined.

More fun facts, which can be found in the infographic below, include the first-ever purchase made using Bitcoin and why there is now a national day to celebrate this purchase. To get a glimpse of these interesting facts and features, totaling 24, read on: