iFocus Partners With Kinglory’s Blockchain Technology to Create New Standards in The Medical Industry

iFocus Partners With Kinglory's Blockchain Technology to Create New Standards in The Medical Industry

North America’s first data-driven medical aesthetics marketplace, iFocus has integrated with Kinglory, a Canadian-based high-performance blockchain ecological platform, following an announcement via a recent press release.

Regardless of the distinctive features between the partnering companies, the partnership will see the companies joining efforts to create new standards in the medical aesthetic industry.

The integration between iFocus and Kinglory has proven that the essence of blockchain technology will always be relevant in any industry. The exclusive features that come with blockchain tech will help iFocus protect its industry knowledge, patent rights, and consumer safety.

Blockchain’s ability to record product and service information with a timestamp will help to easily trace the authenticity of each laser device right to the source. Hence curtailing the existence of counterfeit and inferior products in the market, and also providing consumers who want to be well informed before they make health-related decisions can simply get the right information they need.

Moreso, the blockchain mechanism will provide clients with the ability to control where and when their information is shared with whom. This way, a third party will have no access to the client’s data without valid authorization from the owner. This decentralized file-sharing technology is also beneficial for preventing fraud.


It is quite interesting that the deployment of blockchain infrastructures will basically protect the company’s customer’s concerns with product and service quality. Personal privacy issues will also be efficiently managed via blockchain as official agency certification and brand product information is transparent and trustworthy on the blockchain. 

The announcement further revealed that iFocus is seeking the establishment of cooperative relations from L’Oréal Group and Bausch & Lomb Group. This way, it can provide new solutions to the medical industry.

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