HYPERSLOTH’S Highly-Anticipated’ Collect-to-Earn NFT Project’ Goes Live

HYPERSLOTH'S Highly-Anticipated' Collect-to-Earn NFT Project' Goes Live

The much-awaited HYPERSLOTHS NFT project has gone live. The project features a unique creation of 3D-inspired NFTs. Meanwhile, the number of NFTs is capped at 8,000 pieces plus; each artwork will be different based on utility and characteristics.

The launch also includes a promotional event whereby members will have a chance to have an NFT dropped into their wallets at no cost. In order to qualify, users will be expected to hold their NFT until the end of the mint. Meanwhile, the mint event is priced at 0.25 ETH.

What is the Hype About?

“The HYPERSLOTH project isn’t just another NFT collection. Our goal is to break limitations, create new opportunities as well as go where no one has ever gone before”, said Roni Liani, one of the three founders of HYPERSLOTH. To set it apart from other ETH-based NFT projects, HYPERSLOTH boasts of 3 outstanding elements.

1. Collect-to-Earn Utility

Collecting NFTs can be tedious. HYPERSLOTH, however, offers members on the platform to enjoy their trade through the Collect-to-Earn utility. Popularly known as C2E across the platform, users will be required to solve riddles to help them identify the week’s winning HYPERSLOTH. Winners will also be expected to have the HYPERSLOTH in their possession before claiming the prize.

2. 3-D Inspired Artwork

The world-renowned Yevgeni Krachack is the brain behind HYPERSLOTH. The talented artist has worked with top institutions like Coca-Cola, Disney, and even Google. Yevgeni and his team incorporated so much detail in the NFTs, making them quite realistic and fun to interact with.


3. Fully Doxxed Project Owners

Unlike other NFT projects, HYPERSLOTH boats of fully doxxed owners (Roni Liani, Dor Levy, and Yevgeni Krachak). Also known as RDY lab, this specific element isn’t just about helping HYPERSLOTH stand out but also assuring people that the founders have nothing to hide and that they’re committed to seeing the project succeed.


The HYPERSLOTH NFT project is similar to real-life situations—defining your life without bothering what people have to say. The project was founded by Roni Liani, Dor LEVY, and Yevgeno Krachak. It features 8,000 unique 3-D inspired NFTS with an initial value of 0.25 ETH.