Ninja Fantasy Trader Announces Presale of the Rarest NFTraders or Samurais

Ninja Fantasy Trader Announces Presale of the Rarest NFTraders or Samurais

Samurai Presale Set for March

The Ninja Fantasy play to earn NFT game has announced a date for their initial presale of the Samurai tokens. The sale set for March on the Ethereum blockchain sells 10,144 of the 31700 rare NFTraders.

According to the website, owning these rare Samurai will give you access to the first Financial NFT Game where you can;

–          Play to earn in live markets; cryptocurrencies, stocks, forex, and commodities

–          Play against other Ninja players testing your skills as a Martial Artist in Trading battles.


–          Create companies and get investors.

–          Own buildings and offices, making real estate profit.

–          Get VIP membership to trading courses, daily market analysis signals, and a community of real traders.

The conference-type presale hasn’t been priced yet. However, Ariel Eduardo Morales and the Ninja Saga Fantasy team are excited about the presale.

Owners of the first 3000 Tokens the first presale tokens have access to the Traderland (the ecosystem of the game) and all the plans of the Ninja Saga roadmap.

About Ninja Fantasy

It is the first financial game that gamifies the trading system. The play-to-earn game operating fully on the Ethereum blockchain aims to bring real data to people of live markets for them to play earn as they enjoy the game. It is supported by the $NTC(Ninja Token Coffee)

The user must be well-versed with trading since the game will be accompanied across a trading platform dealing with crypto, forex, stock, and commodities.

Tokens will be the game’s power since characters will be the Tokens (The Samurais). Maneuvering through Traderland requires tokens that are limited to a specific number.  

Only 31,700 Tokens called Samurais will be released, thus making them one of the rarest commodities. Players will Play-earn and learn since the ecosystem is built for traders.