Hublot Releases Bitcoin watch—A must have Accessory for every BTC Millionaire

Hublot Releases Bitcoin watch—A must have Accessory for every BTC Millionaire

The watchmaker Hublot has released a Bitcoin inspired watch called ‘the P2P’ as part of their Big Bang Meca-10 line of watches. The watch has been estimated to cost around 4BTC and is in a limited supply of only 210 units in reference to the 21 million limits on Bitcoin.
The P2P is titled after the blockchain inspired term ‘peer to peer’ as a way to connect the emerging technology with an innovative marketing strategy. The P2P can only be purchased using a Bitcoin transaction and there are only 210 of these units up for sale.
The futuristic design of the P2P hopes to attract a new market of enthusiasts and collectors who may like to sport one of these impressive watches. Hublot claims the new design celebrates Bitcoin’s 10 year anniversary:

Bloomberg News estimated that the watch may cost around $25,000 USD in comparison to similar watches in the design range. This equates to around 4BTC given current market prices. This may seem a bit pricey for some people but for a Bitcoin millionaire, it may just be a small price to pay for a limited edition watch.

The P2P has a Bitcoin logo at the centre of its skeletal design and an imprint of the transaction blockchain on the outside of the frame. It also is water resistant and has a blockchain inspired network design on its black rubber strap.

The watch also has a few extra quirky features such as a 10-day power reserve in reference to the 10 year anniversary of Bitcoin. The power reserve allows you to operate the watch for an extra 10 days before having to rewind its source.

Asian broker OS Limited will handle the Bitcoin transactions for the P2P making Hublot the first leading watchmaker to accept crypto payments. This fits in with the theme of innovation which the watchmaker wishes to impress upon the product.

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Bitcoin investor Tony Gu Tao has already jumped on board and bought five units for himself and some friends. He flew all the way from Singapore to collect the P2P watches at the product launch. Hublot wishes to attract other Bitcoin investors who may wish to complement their work with a fitting accessory.

Hublot is just one among many companies who have started to embrace blockchain technology. Although they may have been the first to mix both design and marketing with a Bitcoin-themed project.

Signet Jewelers Ltd partnered with De Beer’s plan to track gems from the mines straight to the shop as an innovative use of blockchain technology. There seem to be numerous ways to apply the new technology that may attract new customers.