How the Brave Browser is Playing a Crucial Role in the Revival of the Basic Attention Token

What’s Next for BAT token after Coinbase’s Support?

Some cryptocurrencies are piling up gains, some others are still battling with losses, but in between these categories are the returnees; the comeback coins and tokens. When the last few months of 2018 is analyzed and compared to the first quarter of 2019, one can very well place the Basic Attention Token (BAT) into the last category, which has tremendously surged since the past few months.

One very significant factor that has influenced this growth is the Brave Browser which has for a long time played the role of an elevator to BAT.

Most recently, Brave is taking its vision to create a browsing environment that pays users a step further, as users can now get paid while clicking on ads. Although 30% of whatever is generated from the ad revenue goes to Brave, the other 70% is credited to users in (BAT) token.

While Brave had always been on a mission to create fewer ads for user convenience, and replacing it with a pay-surf system for users, the effects of this goes beyond the browser alone and stretches to the BAT token as adaptability will greatly increase. In the same fashion, trading volume will most certainly skyrocket.

Before BAT’s present growth stage, the token had lost momentum so much that it dropped lower than 40 in the top cryptocurrency rankings. While the November bloodbath had its effects on BAT, it is believed that the token’s decline was also as a result of the “Coinbase effect” which led to a rapid decline in trading value shortly after it was listed on Coinbase.


Currently sitting at the 22nd spot BAT had worked its way from the $0.20 mark to $0.40 mark. Although BAT is currently sustaining losses of 11%, despite this, it is undeniable the level of progress the token has made over time. BAT had one of the most favorable runnings this year and the numbers are expected to go even higher with the involvement of the Brave browser.