What’s Next for BAT token after Coinbase’s Support?

What’s Next for BAT token after Coinbase’s Support?

It’s no secret that cryptocurrency exchanges are a vital part of the crypto community. They’ve been around throughout cryptocurrencies journey and have been somewhat of a gateway into the industry.

Although some crypto exchanges are nothing more than giant scam schemes to rob investors of the yields they get in the industry, others have proven to be powerhouses in the game and with its every move, comes a significant change of event in the crypto market.

Coinbase, which is arguably the largest and most popular crypto exchange in the world, has been ruling the crypto exchange game for some time now. Back in July, the crypto exchange announced that it was weighing up the option of adding another crypto asset for trading. Cardano (ADA) Basic Attention Token (BAT) Stellar Lumens (XLM) Zcash (ZEC) and 0x (ZRX) were the intending listed cryptos, and within a short time, the race had begun.

Of course, many experts started delving into the digital coins and which one was going to come on top. Stellar notably gained a lot of nodes because of its performance at that time. However, it was the Basic Attention Token (BAT) which got listed to the crypto exchange. BAT getting listed on Coinbase PRO will allow BAT/USD trades very soon but only when there is enough liquidity on the digital asset. However, deposits are already available on the platform.

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) now becomes the eighth cryptocurrency to be listed on the exchange, and this shows how hard it is to get listed for trading on the world’s largest crypto exchange platform. This feat comes along with a lot of positives and BAT’s development is expected to blow up very soon.


Just hours after the statement from Coinbase adding the BAT to its tradable assets, its value shot from $0.26 to $0.345 within days. This event marked an increase of over 30 percent with 20 minutes on November 2, when the announcement came out.

The Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum based ERC-20 token. BAT is used for advertising and attention-based services on the Basic Attention Token platform, Brave. If we are to follow trends, Coinbase’s listing of BAT token will give it the much exposure it needs, to get to the top. Just a few days after BAT getting listed on Coinbase, Circle Invest, a Boston-based crypto trading platform also announced that it had listed the Basic Attention Token (BAT, Brave’s browser’s preferred choice of altcoin.

Basic Attention Token’s projected future has now been made brighter, and more blissful outcomes are being expected going forward. Of course, this is the crypto market, where the impossible can unfold right under your eyes, but regardless of anything, the token is in for a spike.

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