Here’s Why Bitcoin Can Get To 1 Trillion Market Capitalization In The Next Bull Run

Technical Indicator Suggest That There’s More Pain Ahead For Bitcoin (BTC) Bulls

Dare to dream?

Why not, I mean the Cryptocurrency space has seen some outrageous price movements within the last 10 years and we’re still in the early stages of what Bitcoin can potentially achieve.

Well, according to Chris Burniske.

Chris, a partner at Placeholder Ventures recently tweeted;

Quite an optimistic view to say the least and the result of Bitcoin reaching $1 trillion would also mean its Marketcap on its own would surpass the whole Cryptocurrency Marketcap late 2017.


However he also went on further to point out;

If we look at Bitcoin’s market capitalization over the last 12 years we can see that BTC passed $100,000 in 2012 and more recently $100,000,000 in 2017, signaling that if we see a further run-up in price to the trillion dollar mark by January 2021 that Bitcoin would have increased in value by 10 times on average.

Something that the global world would really have to stand up and pay attention to!

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The chart would also indicate with Bitcoin’s historical rise in value that other Alt-coins were previously lacking behind the commanding Cryptocurrency.

However, what has been discovered within the last few years is that Alt-coins have been simultaneously closing the gap on Bitcoin and the rise in Alt-coin value would not only suggest that BTC’s dominance over the market may be reduced but more so that there are other projects out there with valid use cases to improve various industries.

Final Thoughts

If Bitcoin’s Marketcap is to reach $1 trillion by January 2021 that would put BTC at around $55,000 per coin which in many eyes would not be beyond the realm of possibility.

The Bitcoin Halving in 2020 could prove another catalyst leading to the next Bull Run and the value could skyrocket considering the amount of development that has gone on during this current bear market.

A huge amount of anticipation to be expected and many believe this could be the real push towards Bitcoin becoming an everyday use!

Enthusiastic evaluation? Or completely unrealistic?