Get (l)earning! Nominex’s trading education course is coming

Get (l)earning! Nominex’s trading education course is coming

Have you ever wondered why there’s so much “earning” in “learning”? As a trading exchange, Nominex’s motto is “Knowledge is ultimate power”. Does that sound theoretical? Consider the examples of Tai Lopez and Warren Buffet:

“Eventually finding and reading productive material became second nature [to Buffett], a habit. As he began his investing career, he would read even more, hitting 600, 750, even 1,000 pages a day.

Warren Buffett says he reads a minimum of five to six hours a day from books, hundreds of pages of corporate reports, along with five newspapers, spending  as much as 80% of his time on an average day reading.”

The Omaha World Herald

Here’s another visual in case you needed primary motivation of why you really should follow Tai’s advice. 



Now, in theory, it’s all very well having an abstract idea. But how can knowledge become more than just abstract ideas floating somewhere up in the ether and get you real-life satisfaction? Truly impressive results are exceedingly rare. 

With access to pretty much every book in the world today, people are more frustrated, lost, and looking for meaning than ever before. Ironically, the answers are never too far away. One example is Hal Finney, a trusted affiliate of Satoshi Nakamoto’s, who believed in Bitcoin as soon as he read the whitepaper and installed the first Bitcoin software on his PC, which minted more than 50 Bitcoins every day. That’s 464 303 of passive income in today’s money. Now, if someone says happiness can’t be bought show them a puppy. Same goes for psychologists, good food, sports, and buying property in places where there are happy people. 

Another example of how knowledge easily turns into power and quantifiable results in trading. 

  • Using a software trading bot can get you over $500 a day (actually a night while you sleep). 
  • Nominex’s affiliate program works using the same principle, making you money as you do things that actually matter (like making friends or learning how to surf). 
  • Buying the right altcoins seems to net thousands with a starting balance of as little as $300. 
  • Thousands of people testified spending their days immeasurably happier after reading and applying principles laid out in Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s books about flow. 

The question here is knowing which bots work, which coins to buy, and how to make your affiliate program work the right way. The answer to life’s questions is knowledge. 

Now, the most common problem with knowledge is that it’s boring. There are far more interesting things to do than stay in bed and read, especially if you’re living next to the beach and it’s the middle of July (or own puppies, or know a good nightclub). Because knowledge is hard to get one’s head around, many people miss out on the opportunity to enhance their lives in every way that matters and make their dreams come true. No more. 

Satoshi’s legacy: power to the people

Nominex’s policy is creating a whole new approach to all things to do with trading. Not only is trading a fantastical way of making extra profits, it also could quite literally save lives in the times of the pandemic, and it can be tremendously fun in an out of itself if done right. 

Nominex aims to make trading as fun as playing your favorite PC game or hanging out on the beach or going to a club. And promises are a bunch a penny, but there’s no better way to find out than registering in under 20 seconds (no KYC) and finding out for yourself that, like reading, trading can be euphoric. Maybe you just haven’t found the right book yet. 

Nominex’s new educations platform is designed to be to existing platforms what Hemingway and Akunin are to the pamphlets you get through your letterbox. The difference, like with all Nominex’s products, is staggering. 

What’s on offer? 

Lesson 1: Blockchain’s History and Technology.

Lesson 2: Crypto Assets

Lesson 3: Wallets

Lesson 4: Trading. Entry into technical analysis. An examination of an entire trading base using the example of Nominex

Lesson 5: Trading. The main formations of analyzes

Lesson 6: Trading. The main formations of those analyzes continued

Lesson 7: Trading. Entry and exit points, different approaches

Lesson 8: Trading. Key indicators and indices of the cryptocurrency market. The difference between trading on crypto exchanges

Lesson 9: Risk and Money Management

Lesson 10: Trading Psychology and Investment Psychology. 

To get access, go to, register, and keep abreast of social networks. The best is yet to come (in July). For now, you can catch up on the latest and greatest news and lifehacks from the world of crypto and try out our lossless tournaments. Ciao!