Extend My Runway (EMR) Announces ICO to Power Up Machine-Learning Engine and Build Better Brains for Businesses

Extend My Runway (EMR) Announces ICO to Power Up Machine-Learning Engine and Build Better Brains for Businesses

SINGAPORE (December 17, 2020) – Extend My Runway (EMR), a data-driven platform and Singaporean private limited company, announces an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for December 28, 2020. EMR invites members of the community to purchase utility tokens to power up the EMR machine-learning engine which improves your brain’s innovation and productivity. Employing the latest neuroscience, EMR’s data-driven platform is secured on the blockchain and digitally nudges subscribers toward breakthrough goals and brain-smart habits. 

Seventy million (70,000,000) utility tokens will be made available (70% of total), with 15,000,000 allocated for ICO purchase and the remaining 55,000,000 for mining, gamification, and incentives within the ecosystem. For early investors, there are bonuses available of up to 40% additional tokens included with an early purchase. 

By participating in this ICO, you are helping EMR build better brains for business. Members are incentivized to earn additional tokens and services by using EMR’s gamified platform. The ongoing platform use enables EMR’s data scientists to test outcomes, drive quality, and support the higher-order cognitive functions that are necessary for a supercharged brain. Holders of EMR utility tokens will be amongst the first to access our brain-health platform and user community. 

Rapidly Growing Market of Ageing

Investing in brain performance improves human longevity and the employment prospects of people above 50, 60 and even 70 years of age. The world population is ageing and hundreds of millions are not planning to retire after 60. At the same time science shows that our higher-order cognitive functions peak during our 50s and 60s. EMR helps businesses, organizations and individuals to optimize these functions. EMR will assist ageing populations all over the world to stay on top of their game, and in the game, for longer.


EMR welcomed its anchor investor in October and this private individual is currently the CEO, Singapore office, of a global PR firm.  Also in October, EMR secured its anchor client which is a German chip maker employing more than 40,000 people globally. Our digital nudging MVP was launched in early November. EMR has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Brain Performance Institute (BPI) at the University of Texas – Dallas, which is housed within the University’s Center for Brain Health. The BPI is a world leader in neuroscience research that demonstrates how healthy older adults can enhance cognitive performance. Research in Singapore will begin in Q1 2021. An additional agreement is in place with the ASEAN Human Development Association (AHDA). Together with AHDA, EMR will conduct a longitudinal survey study of ageing workforces in ASEAN.

Inquiries and contact:

Dr. Michael Netzley EMR Founder and CEO, Singapore, tel: + 65 8611 5541

Dr. Tomas Klvana EMR Co-Founder and COO, Prague, tel: + 420 731 719 889

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