EOS’s Success is of Paramount Importance to Block.one, Says CEO Brendan Blumer

EOS's Success is of Paramount importance to Block.one, Says CEO Brendan Blumer

Block.one, the leader in providing high-performance blockchain solutions developed EOS.IO years ago and published the initial whitepaper in 2017. After the launch, Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one announced that the platform will support the EOSIO blockchain with more than $1 billion in funding. 

Although Block.one continues operating independently, it is obviously extremely close to EOS. In fact, according to Blumer, the success of EOS is crucial for Block.one. In a series of tweets, Blumer explains his views on EOS and how Block.one will be spending its resources in the future.

‘The Road Ahead Is Very Exciting’ Says Brendan Blumer

Brendan Blumer starts by explaining how his exposure to EOS communities across the world has helped him understand both sides. According to Blumer, EOSIO is still being developed through R&D as well as their own application and that EOS is designed in a way that doesn’t allow anyone to have centralized control over the tokens and operate the network.

“The #EOS community is extraordinarily diverse and I am thankful that so many of you engage so heavily with me. I wish there was a way to make all of you happy all the time, but between token holders, dapp authors, network operators, and even regulators…

Block.one plans to participate in EOS block voting process this month although the company has been planning to do it for years now. The platform still controls almost 10% of EOS coins in the world and would become a huge single voter for any block producer. 

“Block.one believes staking systems will be a critical component of the future tokenized economy, and to ensure maximum network security and constructive participation, Block.one will begin staking and voting its EOS token position,” Block.one added.


Not long ago, Block.one was forced to pay a $24 million penalty for conducting an unregulated ICO worth around $4 billion at the time. The company did pay and it is now operating without any issues.