DX.Exchange Boasts Of 500k Registered Members Before Launch

DX.Exchange Boasts Of 500k Registered Members Before Launch

A free cryptocurrency trading, DX.Exchange which is launching this month announces in a statement that it had already had over half a million users registered on its platform as they all await the official platform release.
It’s no surprise that this sort of success is recorded as the exchange certainly knows the heart of the users, introducing powerful features which will sweep most users off their feet. Much of these features which include, Zero-fees on all cryptocurrency trading on the platform (though users are to pay a 10 EURO membership fee monthly), and the EU MiFID II regulation which protects traders trading on the platform.
In a statement by Daniel Skowronski, who’s the CEO of DX, he mentioned,
“Because we are fully regulated, a number of Banks and Brokers have reached out on how they can connect directly to the exchange to give their clients access. By connecting directly, they can still offer a full suite of cryptocurrencies to their clients while decreasing their risk dramatically.”
Skowronski continued by showing his appreciation to the platform’s massive fan base,
“We’re about to open the doors to DX.Exchange, and obviously this is a very exciting time for us.”
“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our dedicated, and hard-working team that has shared our vision and worked around the clock to make it happen. Expectations are high, and we will not let down the 500,000 who believe in us, and the remaining members of the Crypto-community as well,” he said.

About DX.Exchange

The exchange is said to be the first cryptocurrency platform which allows individuals and institutions to buy crypto assets with fiat, trade cryptocurrencies, and also convert these cryptos back to fiat. The exchange, being built on Nasdaq’s market-leading matching technology provides traders with fast execution on all trades executed on the platform.

Should Other Exchanges Be Scared?

Probably not, but as things stand, DX.Exchange offers the best trading platform, especially for high volume traders. So instead of paying transaction fees on each transaction made on other exchanges, paying a token as a monthly fee could be a better option.