Digibyte (DGB) Is World’s 33rd Largest Crypto On UTRUST Integration

Digibyte (DGB) Is World’s 33rd Largest Crypto On UTRUST Integration

The latest alternate coin to stake claim to 33rd ranking by market cap is Digibyte. The run-up to this position has been spectacular in the past week, as the currency gained in value and closed ahead of the cryptocurrency like Maker, PundiX, Augur and Verge.
Prices have skyrocketed, allegedly on the back of the launch of the UTRUST integration. The latter is a cryptocurrency specific payment platform and is used to exchange directly their crypto for fiat values. The platform has been more than a crypto fiat direct exchange for alternate coins thus far.

UTRUST integration

Standard industry practice has followed the path of integrations, followed by New Listings and Partnerships. These are milestones which are very important in the ‘life’ of the currency and the blockchain start up. Hence, each of this count as critical parts for development and adoption of an asset.
Thus, it appears that Digibyte’s price rise has followed the theoretical construct and has proved to be successful.  Thus the UTRUST integration has been the starting point for Digibyte’s price ascendency.
For its part, UTRUST has added PundiX or NPXS platform since it had similar price rise and its integration has been taking up the token to more than 40 cryptocurrencies by Market Cap.
According to Rudy Bouwman, the Marketing Manager at DigiByte, UTRUST integration was an exciting “prospect of working with UTRUST and getting DigiByte to be your payment processing solution; this would allow us to grow organically and attract more interest as an open source solution. We hope not only to create a robust decentralized public blockchain but to change the world for the better.”
It appears that Digibyte is all set to grow into a strong and sustainable coin. It has been working constantly on innovation and has been completing milestones at every step. The progress it appears, will be significant as far as roadmap setting and its achievement is concerned.

Digibyte growth

On another note, digibyte has announced recently that DGB miner could start mining DigiByte with AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. These features add to the mining requirements in terms of digital assets. Additionally, Digibyte is also pushing for DGB adoption by collaborating with a range of partnerships from across the sector.
These partnerships are likely to hasten the use of DGB in real time. The developers of the coin are intent on building the necessary propulsion to make DGB a high transacted coin and will sustain market needs by following its announced plans and ensuring that the timelines are achieved consistently.
The path that DGB has currently ventured upon has been encouraging as the UTRUST integration has successfully launched digibytes into the big league of high priced alternate coins. The next surge in prices in DGB is expected to be swift, with market expectations of the alternate coin surging past its symbolic value of one USD anytime soon.
DGB has made steady progress largely on the basis of its integration. High growth integration that digibyte has been able to realise is its integration with Coinome, an Indian exchange for cryptocurrencies, and new trading pairs in XRP.
The coin has all the characteristics and support to help it grow into a strong alternate coin, only if it can sustain its development plan.