Decentralized Crypto-Based Prediction Game EFUN Completes IDO on Pinksales, Coinsbit, and Launch Block

Decentralized Crypto-Based Prediction Game EFUN Completes IDO on Pinksales, Coinsbit, and Launch Block

EFUN, a pioneering peer-to-peer prediction platform based on the Binance Smart Chain has just announced the completion of its IDO on Pinksales, Coinsbit, and Launch Block. A big move that would serve as headway towards the official launch of the platform.

In a bid to revolutionize the traditional sports book-making platforms while restoring the fun and excitement around games of prediction for crypto enthusiasts, EFUN has built a blockchain-powered, crypto-friendly, decentralized platform for prediction games on Web3 and the Metaverse.

The platform is basically aimed at restoring the joy and engagement to the games of chance for sports and predictive events via human-to-human gameplays which has attracted massive supports from investors towards the completion of its public offerings.

EFUN to Offer Exclusive Functionalities Aside Sport Bookings

The platform is set to offer exclusive functionalities following its vision to better serve its users beyond the services of sports bookings.

The announcement reads;


“It helps to connect fans and supporters globally, regardless of languages, time zones or currencies; it also embarks a bigger vision than just sports bookings: in fact, users can join the games of prediction on anything, could be a Presidential Election, Miss World competition, or a virtual car race on the Metaverse.”

Being a blockchain-powered platform, the existence of blockchain technology will eliminate the intrusion of centralized Book Makers in the system. As such, the platform will give its users access to join the predictive games for fun and enjoy winning with friends.

As noted in the announcement, the platform also allows users to connect crypto wallets and execute smart contracts that can guarantee due security for their crypto funds, and also make things transparent and irreversible.





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