‘Givetime.io: Cryptocurrency, Science and Healthcare’ – Interview with Alexander Movchan

'Givetime.io: Cryptocurrency, Science and Healthcare' - Interview with Alexander Movchan

Blockchain continues to conquer the world. A transparent and fair data accounting system seems interesting for different projects implementation. Today we will talk about a new project that began its existence at the intersection of blockchain and science. A short interview with the creator of the project, Alexander Movchan.

Tell us about the project, what is it about

The Givetime.io project is dedicated to science and medicine, more precisely, the ability of a person to influence his health, to fight diseases. I will describe within the framework of the general concept of the project: to have the opportunity, that is, methods, equipment, drugs – that will allow you to extend life in several situations. Nowadays that is impossible. I don’t want to talk about it superficially. The topic is voluminous. We have a goal – to increase the average life expectancy by 10 years until 2027. We work on it.

Just an example. Today, the most common cause of death is cardiovascular disease. In particular, heart attack and stroke. How can we influence this situation? This is a diagnosis of the state of the vessels, which are the place of origin of the problem. At the moment it is carried out only in clinics. In different formats for studying 4-6 diagnostic methods. 

The main project idea: to make diagnostics much more convenient and advanced. 


The primary should be done with portable devices at home. For the diagnosis to give an answer – the likelihood of blood clots, the state of blood vessels in the brain and heart. 

To give precise answers and instructions for the prevention, treatment of various levels of vascular problems for a person. So that clinics and doctors have better and more effective methods and definitions of the condition, as well as methods of influence at earlier stages than in the case of a stroke.

At this point in our white paper, the main “hot” needs are outlined. They will be as important as possible for maintaining human life. And we’re set to update the document and our roadmap quarterly, if not more often. Perhaps the coverage of deeper information will be placed in a separate format, since it is important for everyone, even if you are 20 years old and you don’t think now how you will live in 40-50 years or don’t wonder how current hospitals will help your parents.

Why crypto?

The crypto world is taking off now, huge budgets are in the market. Cool projects on their blockchains. This gives good opportunities for high-quality new ideas to quickly turn into reality. The very question of your life and your loved ones – does not tolerate slowness, every 1.7 seconds on Earth a person dies from a stroke or heart attack, every 9 seconds from a coronavirus. Why wait if there is an opportunity to influence it.

We decided to create our own token, it will serve as a method of collecting investment in a project, as an assessment of the community’s faith in our project. Of course, the transparency that cryptocurrency gives in the project will be useful, all transactions, all wallets can be publicly examined, but not blocked by the authorities or raided. It also provides undeniable benefits. In the future, we want all products, rights to use, the company to form the value precisely according to our token, in fact, we are the first scientific and medical project in crypto.

By the way, it is also worth pointing out that the offline implementation of the project, which will consist of research centers, clinics, production of equipment, and drugs, will have a non-profit organization format. Consequently, all profits will be directed to further studies. This should give people an understanding that the main goal of this project is not to make a profit but to allow living longer and better quality for people.

Do you have a medical degree?

No, I have an economic degree. But the direction of controlling my health from the point of view of science has always fascinated me. And this is not only interesting, but I also want to manage the state of my body in the future. I’d like to have the opportunity and access to new forms of diagnostics and treatment when needed. And I want to develop this area so that it is available to more and more people.

The sooner people realize that the body will inevitably need help, the only question is when it will be. These are not popular questions, they are not yet as relevant as they should be. My goal is to update and remind everyone that in this direction we have to act quickly and efficiently. 

Areas of science and healthcare that extend a person’s quality of life are the most underestimated projects. How much money would Steve Jobs, Paul Allen, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Gerd Muller, Larry King, Andrey Pavlenko, Mikhail Zhvanetsky give – to be able to live an additional 5-10 years, a quality life? I think you already know the answer.

Where will all these research centers and clinics be?

This question does not yet have definite answers. Let me explain that the main centers should be distributed in the most comfortable zones for conducting this activity. This will be studied by the project’s lawyers, data on several options will be compiled, and based on this, a decision will be made about the first physical objects.

At the moment, a legal entity has not been created. But this will be done shortly, at the second stage of our roadmap.

All decisions on the choice of location will be covered in our channel as soon as we decide.

What is your tokenomics (token economics)?

We created a token on BSC, determined the transaction tax of 0.1%, chose the number of coins in the amount of 8,000,000,000 (the number of people on the planet is approximate). We will not have burnings, there will be no additional emissions. 

We do not have attractive conditions like in pyramids. We are extremely honest with our community, right at the start, there will not be x1000 in a year. There will be a transparent organization. With clear goals and the distribution of the funds raised.

The token itself will not be a share of the company. Its liquidity will be supported by the operation of the entire project and the sale of its products. All prices for products and services of the project will be tied to the token, and therefore its demand will grow

We avoid airdrops, freezing of coin sales, and other speculations that will paint pretty numbers. We stand for transparency and results. We have a project goal, perhaps it is one of the most important in the world, therefore, success in this will give the firmness of our coin better than any manipulation. 

Is your capitalization too high?

Many private investors and interested ones expressed their opinion that for a project with tokens in the amount of 8 billion, the price of $0.008 on the presale is too high. That is, the total capitalization is greatly overestimated for a new project.

If you count, it turns out 8,000,000,000 * 0.008 $ = 64,000,000 $

Sure, that’s really too high for a project that:

– just created in 2021
– whose team is not yet popular
– does not have the support of cryptofunds
– does not have the support of well-known advisors
– w/o security audits
– w/o centralized crypto-exchanges listing

And $64,000,000 capitalization – it’s top on CoinMarketCap

Therefore, this market cap is possible by the activity, work, and efficiency of the project. So we decided to do something

We have locked tokens to:

– give stability to investors
– give a transparent unlocking system for the community, so that everyone can see how this – – will happen and when
– to assess a real project capitalization
– form a stable price without market risks

You may see it on:


With a token pre-sale price of $ 0.008. The capitalization of the project with the existing unlocked 50,000,000 is $ 400,000, and this is the top 2000 coinmarketcap.com, which is closer to the actual assessment of the project at the moment. 

How and under what conditions will tokens be unlocked?

In the blocking contract, it is possible to extend the blocking period for each GTM. This means that if you are not ready to unlock a large number of tokens, or not so many, the blocking of funds will be extended or some part of them will be blocked back

The purpose of this is to support the token rate, cause it is instability. No big pumps and dumps. Our goal is to confidently develop along with the roadmap, we do not need to experience great volatility to take other people’s money.

The conditions for unlocking tokens and their gradual release into the market is the content of the token rate in the normal range. This means that a fall of 40-60% or more is unacceptable. And this is the most important condition for launching new tokens into the market. Demand should always be greater than supply, this will guide us throughout the entire project.

How will the general situation with Bitcoin and BNB affect the token rate?

At the moment, all altcoins are influenced by bitcoin and system coins. We understand addiction and will do our best to minimize it. We have a big distinguishing feature from all other projects.

It is focused on the real sector of human life, outside the Internet, which makes it possible to consider that it will be necessary for every person on earth.

Who cares what the bitcoin rate is when you need an operation using a new technology that will save your life. The token will be associated with a lifetime, not bitcoin or another cryptocurrency.

Givetime.io is a new trend in cryptocurrency projects, it is a combination of technology, science, and the real-life of every person. It will be a stable and permanent new trend, not temporary DEFI, NFT projects.

Given the above, we believe that our dependence on the top 5 cryptocurrencies will be minimal compared to any other project. Therefore, we will be able to become a place of saving funds, value for many holders, both at the time of the fall of the entire market and at the time of growth, to show good stable results without sudden problems.

Why will the token grow? Strong arguments, facts. What have already been done

We have already written about many factors of the growth of our token in point 2 of the info letter. At this point, we will also highlight other factors.

  • Legal registration of the project in the early stages.

We are responsible for the project, legal registration makes it possible to look seriously at both the project and our team. More serious investors and funds will be more confident in communicating and choosing us taking this factor into account.

Registration of legal entities is scheduled for Q1 2022. 

  • Strict marketing campaign (not only crypto world)

Good marketing requires a correct and honest development idea, project milestones, and effective outreach tools. Our project has all the necessary parameters. 

A distinctive feature from all other projects. This does not limit our late-stage marketing only in the crypto space, everyone will want to take advantage of our technologies and products. To live a full life longer.

We already have proposals for creating functionality for buying GTM tokens for dollars and euros, but we are still at an early stage. Most likely, such functionality and tools will be available at stage 3 of the roadmap, that is, after April 2022. Possibly at the time of listing on tier 1 crypto exchanges

  • Attentive attitude to the course and management of blocking funds of the total amount of the token.  

As stated in paragraph 2 of the document, we have a tool for extending the lock of each of the blocks of tokens. That will make it possible to control the supply of tokens in almost any situation.

  • Project transparency

To cover all events, to create offline and online conferences for the presentation of our developments, to create a medical hub with all information on scientific developments and research. This provides a constant information agenda that will draw attention to our project. 

  •  Participation of the well-known funds. As an indicator of trust in the project

Discussions are already underway. This announcement will be made whenever possible by publishing this news. 

  •  Participation of famous advisors. As an indicator of trust in the project

Discussions are already underway. This announcement will be made whenever possible by publishing this news. 

Startup projects are assessed on the quality of the team, who is in the project now?

So far, the activities of the project are entirely related to the issue of coins, the design of materials for potential investors and participants. Consequently, the team has managers, copywriters, journalists, and programmers. We have not yet acquired advisors who would cover our project, but perhaps we will already do this before the release of this interview – therefore, I recommend that you look at our website Givetime.io for up-to-date information.
And the most important asset of the project, scientists and doctors, the team will be formed from the start of stage 2 of our roadmap. The information will be available on our social channels.

If a person shares the goals of the project, how can he help his development?

So far, it is the only way to support the project. To buy a project token (GTM). You will get new opportunities like members of the Givetime.io community. (This will be available at the time of the presale)
And also – share the project ideas. Popularization between people is still the main task for us, to launch everything with the necessary scale – we need recognition, we need funds to implement the plan.


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