Dash dethrones Binance Coin (BNB) after skyrocketing to $90

Dash dethrones Binance Coin (BNB) after skyrocketing to $90

Dash, the 14th most valued cryptocurrency has gone up by 16.79% against the USD. While the gains have been pouring in all through the bull run, Dash achieved its significant milestone in the last 24hrs, and this was made possible by dethroning the Binance Coin BNB.

Yesterday, Dash had begun its race to the top at a very steady pace. With an opening price of $74.23, Dash had taken full advantage of the intensity of the bull run shortly after and bounced up to $99.23. One would expect that Dash would’ve started slowly by accumulating gains in small percentages, but when Dash hit $99, it became clear that a breakout was lurking around the corners.

Halfway through this achievement, the market began to experience a slight bearish tide, at this time, Dash took staggering steps backward and landed at $73.96, just a little below its opening price. But it didn’t end there, once the market began to attain a little bit of stability, Dash aroused by more than 5% and went back to $99.23.

All through this time, Dash was still trading below the Binance coin, whose trading volume of $27.97 million was only able to move the coin slightly higher than its opening price of $5.47. While BNB closed at $5.79, Dash heightened its propulsion through its trading volume which was previously an estimated $184.63 million and made the momentous climb that has now landed its market cap at $805.19 million, above BNB’s market cap of $755.73 million.

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The Korean traders have to be credited for this new milestone, as their trading pairs of Dash against the Korean won had made the rounds as the highest trading volume with a total of $45.19 million since the last 24hrs.

Meanwhile, BNB has been one of the few victims of the bearish trends surfacing. With losses of 1.32% against the USD, and a fluctuating trading price of $5.78, the coin might have a harder time making a comeback. While the sustained losses are not much, each time the coin drops in volume, it makes way for its newest rival Dash to make sizeable growth in its market capitalization.