DailyCoin.Co: Why DailyCoin Is An Excellent ICO


Blockchain and smart contracts are the driving technologies of a decentralized world. Smarts contracts are executed on the blockchain, and they are meant to function as replacements to human activities on a platform. These smart contracts are computer protocols that enforce, verifies, and facilitates or even resolve disputes between two parties, delivering to both sides what they should get without any human intervention.

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In other words, a smart contract can be built to deliver goods to a buyer upon payment. In a real world, identities of the buyer and seller need to be correctly verified, and sometimes it takes a long time for any of both parties to get what they want. With the blockchain and smart contracts, the identities of both buyers and sellers are hidden.

The smart contracts are then able to verify if the buyer has enough money for the transaction and if the seller has the product to be delivered to the buyer. If these conditions are met, the smart contract is then able to execute itself, and all parties get what they want.

What’s DailyCoin?


DailyCoin has built a decentralized eCommerce platform, on the Ethereum Blockchain, and payment solution system. The aim is to provide that financial payment solution with little or no hassle, with next to nothing or no transaction fee, allowing people to buy or pay for those services they are used to on their platforms or merchant sites.

The goal is to make everyone’s daily experience an easy one while buying those tickets, paying for shopping items or even making hotel reservations.

DailyCoin Platforms

Few platforms have been built and are fully functional that enables people to shop for cheapest digital products and lots more at the lowest cost.

Dailymarket.net – is a decentralized online digital marketplace that allows you transact at 0% transaction fee. The platform sells products majorly for marketers and web developers, which includes graphics, videos, themes and fonts, photography, tools, ebooks and lots more. In addition to using fiat like any other platform out there, DailyCoin allows buyers and sellers to transact with the most popular cryptocurrencies including the DailyCoin (DLC).

Daily Pay Solution – This feature is for seamless, hassle free and highly secure money transfers via the internet. 

DailyExchanges.com – like any other popular cryptocurrency exchanges, the DailyExchange platform enables internal trading channel for exchanging, trading DLC among people who own the DLC and those who want to purchase. This is to improve liquidity, boost circulation, and generate demand for the DailyCoin for frequent use.
DailyCoin also offers the use of plugins to enable e-commerce platforms seamlessly integrate the DailyCoin payment system into their platforms. The DailyCoin module works with every popular e-commerce platforms out there; WordPress, osCommerce, ZenCart, PrestaShop and so much more.

The DailyCoin Token And How You Can Acquire Some

The DailyCoin is an Ethereum ERC20 token. You can store your DLC tokens on MyEtherWallet, main wallets for the DLC tokens are still in development and would be released soon for the Apple and Google Play stores.

DailyCoin is at ICO stage which makes now the best time to get some of the tokens. You also get up to 40% bonus if you participate in their ICO.
There will be a total of 300Million DLC and would be distributed as follows:

  •         30Million of the tokens goes to the Pre-ICO.
  •         150Million tokens would be made available for the Public ICO/Token Sale which is live. Click here to participate.
  •         30Million will go for the bonus, marketing, and promotions.
  •         60Million tokens would be for the Founders, Team, Advisors and would be locked for 6-12 months after ICO.
  •         30Million would be reserved for the future.

Public ICO would be between the 11th of December, 2017 and 25th of January, 2018. Those who purchase the DLC tokens within the first ten days of token sale gets between 20%-30% as a bonus. The next ten days would guarantee participants a 10%-20% of whatever amount of tokens purchased. The Last 30 days of token sale, participants would get 5%-15% bonus on their purchases.

DailyCoin has for sure come to change the way eCommerce transactions are implemented by making use of cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and blockchain solutions.

The DailyCoin Team In Brief

The Dailycoin team is comprised of experts from different professions and with a track record of excellence. The members :
Hung Nguyen – CEO and Co-founder, Vast in the field of corporate governance. He has represented the Vietnamese people in different ways globally including meeting with Bill Gates on behalf of the Vietnamese students back in 2006. He is a member of the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam. Hung Nguyen has all it takes to make Dailycoin project succeed.

Simon Kwan – Co-founder and Business Manager, with years of experience in Marketing Strategy and Business development. The expert has held key positions in the Malaysian economy including being nominated as a special committee member of the Malaysian Export and Import space. Simon Kwan is also an Oil and gas business mogul with years of experience in the sector.

He brings all these expertise into the Dailycoin platform.
Peter Nam – Co-founder, financial Analyst and Lead Communicator. He is a product of the highly reputable John Hopkins University in USA, with a major in Finance. He is the financial analyst at Accenture, Calcain in Czech Republic. Peter Nam is also proficient in six languages including, Czech, English, Italian, Russian, German and Vietnamese. This man brings greatness to Dailycoin.
Other members of the team include:
-Daren Roy, Event Manager
-Joe Wagner, Marketing team.
-Saurabh Choudhary, Marketing team.
-Kien Do, Blockchain developer.
Phuong Le, Content Writer and PR Strategist.
Tinh Nguyen, Salefunnels Expert Advisor.
Kien Tran, Booking Ecosystem Advisor
Quan Ngo, Booking Ecosystem Advisor.
The Dailycoin project is a very viable one and will succeed because it is organized by experts and honest people. Do not miss the ICO. Join Now!