Cryptocurrency traders call out Justin Sun for allegedly buying followers and manipulating Tron’s Blockchain figures

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Speculations have it that Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, may be buying his way through Twitter due to the recent data that shows that the rapid growth of his Twitter followers might not be organic after all.

Replying to the launch of Tron’s virtual machine which was announced by Sun via Twitter, cryptocurrency trader and investor Josh Rager hinted that the CEO is still purchasing between 5000 to 6000 followers on a daily basis.

The tweet further stated that Sun may have been on this path from as far back as 2018, due to twitter statistics which reflected a substantial reduction in Tron’s Twitter following last year, then suddenly pushed followers back up since then until present.

Rager’s tweet read;

Although Sun is yet to grant any response to the tweet, users seem to share similar sentiments with Rager.


While some were quick to dismiss it as normal behavior, seeing that most people in and out of the cryptocurrency space buys followers, others went as far as saying the tweak in following stretches to as far as Tron’s Blockchain and the number of transactions sustained on a daily basis.

While Twitter statistics indeed show that Sun has maintained an increase of 4,000 to 5,000 followers on a daily basis within the last 14days, and while the train of pump and dump is consistently fueled by traders and investors from time to time, the Tron network has actually attained growth intensity since the year began. Although most of this growth comes from its Dapps, it is undeniable that it has increased the pace of adaptation for TRX and the Tron network.