Another Big Blow To Tron (TRX)? Bram Cohen, BitTorrent Creator Brings Forth New Allegation Against Justin Sun

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Since Justin Sun, Tron founder, postponed the million-dollar lunch with Warren Buffet, he seems to be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire with each turn. Yesterday, as we reported, Justin made a suspicious apology for over-hyping the lunch with Warren and then later deleted it.

Additionally, the events surrounding his whereabouts and standing with the Chinese government authorities remain a mystery after purported kidney stones detention. On the heels of this fiasco, the TRON community has been caught up in a selling frenzy as TRON (TRX) suffers a massive loss in value.

The recent accusation against Justin comes in the wake of a raging tweet storm by Bram Cohen, the founder of BitTorrent and presently the CEO of Chia Network.

Bram Cohen Claims Justin Hasn’t Signed Off The Last BitTorrent Payment

In 2018, the Chinese blockchain billionaire, Justin, acquired BitTorrent from Bram Cohen for a whopping $140 million making BitTorrent Inc. and its sister data transfer application, uTorrent, part and parcel of the Tron family.

Now, Bram came forward with a new allegation on twitter stating that Justin has not held up his end of the deal and thus he has not received his last payment from the BitTorrent deal. He tweeted;


Anybody know if Justin Sun is hard up for cash? He isn’t letting the last payment for BitTorrent get out of escrow.” 

Roy Liu, a TRON Foundation business associate responded to Bram making it clear that money already put in escrow cannot be termed as Justin’s money. He further mentioned that Justin had already signed for the release of the said payment. Bram was quick to reply to Roy asking;

Are you claiming you aren’t trying to get any of the cash back? And do you have an explanation for not signing off on it two months ago when it was scheduled to happen?”

Another Twitter follower, cryptoskillz, prodded Bram, asking him to validate his source, citing that the payment had already been released on 11th. Bram snapped back saying;

My source for this is that I don’t have my fucking money and the escrow agency says they haven’t gotten signoff. What’s your source?”

Up till now, neither Tron Foundation nor Justin has responded to this wild accusation.

TRX Continues To Bear The Brunt Of These Allegations

Subsequent to this new allegation, TRX is still shedding value and is one of the biggest losers among the top 20 cryptocurrencies with 4.26% losses. Hopefully, Sun will soon address these allegations and put a halt to the negative attention that is clouding the Tron community and pulling the price of TRX down.