Crypto Twitter: Bitcoin Likely To Close The Year Around $15k-$20k

Bitcoin (BTC) Briefly Breaches $8,300 As Altcoins Turn Red

Bitcoin has been very much in the news lately as it seems to surge in what many have argued to be a bullish fashion. In less than 3 months, the top crypto has not only fought the fierce bears but also rose to reclaim some of its lost glory. Even more so, Bitcoin has remained firm standing through major industry turbulence.

It’s this resilience that has led many to believe that, indeed, Bitcoin is headed somewhere highly positive, and 2019 looks good for that cause. According to a simple CT research, Bitcoin looks well-set to keep rising in price. The results were shared in a tweet posted by Josh Olszewick. 

The Research 

The said research involved people’s opinions on Bitcoin’s market condition this year. The survey covered calculations based on responses from over 100,000 participants. Josh posted the results in a graph along with a caption proclaiming the general belief in regard to Bitcoin. As usual, a lot of people noticed the projection and came out in numbers to offer their opinions.


People Want BTC To Go Up

From a neutral perspective, it’s fair to say that the crypto market looks good this year. Some analysts even suggest that the current market trend almost mirrors the market conditions leading up to the crypto boom of 2017. And if the charts are right in that case, the market could be about to boom again.


The hype about an imminent Bitcoin bull run didn’t even start in 2019. Way back before the year began, crypto bulls and investors like Tim Draper expressed a conviction that Bitcoin was heading up, and from the look of it, this forecast might be coming true this year.

In fact, according to the mentioned research, a large percentage of the respondents were convinced that Bitcoin would be worth more than its current price by the end of the year.