Crypto Critic Claims EOS’s $4 billion ICO was a bailout for Tether (USDT) And Both Have Same Founders

Crypto Critic Claims EOS’s $4 billion ICO was a bailout for Tether (USDT) And Both Have Same Founders

There have been allegations in the past on Tether scam and the fact that it is connected to Bitfinex Exchange. In fact it is said the two companies have the same owner.
EOS conducted and Initial Coin Offering that lasted a year which ended in June this year. The coin offering is said to be the largest in the history of ICOs, raising up to $4 billion. This ICO may become a hook in the company’s neck as Bitfinex’ed recently said that the ICO was needed to bail out Tether.
Bitfinex’ed who has always been majorly against Tether went further to say that both EOS and USDT belong to the same person.  His tweet read:
“Eos needed the money to bail out Tether. That’s why the FSS report was done just as the Eos ICO ended. Both Eos and Tether same founders.”
Even if Bitfinex’ed is correct in his allegations, no substantial proof exists to validate his claims of a connection between EOS and Tether. However, some of the critics are claiming that some executives left, EOS owner to establish a new company.
Based on this, another critic Jacob Canfield said:
 “They raised $4 billion dollars, put out a shit open source protocol and then all the execs left 1 month after main net launch to start another company that is now in stealth.”
Despite the lack of evidence to connect EOS to Tether, Bitfinex’ed has insisted that the two companies have everything in common in terms of ownership.  
Meanwhile thecoinshark reported 22 hours ago that an unknown person has sent over 12 million USD to Bitfinex in an unknown transaction. This may be a valid argument for Bitfinex’ed and his critic friends although again, it has no proof since the sender is unknown and the reason for sending it unclear.
Oblivious to the trending arguments, analysts are hopeful that it will impact the crypto market positively and help to bring up prices particularly for bitcoin. However, no change has been noticed as bitcoin currently trades at $6,488 which is even less than the price at some point in the last 24 hours.
Whether Bitfinex’ed is right or wrong may be revealed in time but for now, the crypto community has been thrown into confusion as to whether the allegations have any truth in them. If they are true, will this impact EOS, Bitfinex and USDT negatively or positively?