CoinZoom Visa Cards: Fiat to Crypto Choices for the Future

CoinZoom: Institutional and Consumer-Grade US Cryptocurrency Exchange

In today’s complex financial world, having well-regulated and accessible tools for using both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies is important.

As a modern new trading exchange, CoinZoom is helping to facilitate the functionality that’s going to define tomorrow’s world of frictionless financial transactions. One example is the new line of CoinZoom Visa cards that offer holders the ability to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency pairs in a secure and versatile way.

These cards are an important bridge to utilizing cryptocurrencies with confidence, in the context of what decentralized finance has to offer the world. Investors on the frontier are already getting involved, and everyone else, including regulatory offices, is scrambling to catch up. What’s the best way to get involved?

The CoinZoom Platform

As a top user-friendly trading platform for digital assets, CoinZoom has connections to popular mobile merchant environments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay. Its trading tools include resources for global remittances, live order information, automated trading utilities, and real-time profit and loss information to help navigate tricky markets. 

The acquired compliance credentials are an important symbol of how CoinZoom is building a secure and regulated environment for its users…from the ground up. As BitMex and other exchanges get hammered for playing fast and loose with the rules, platforms like CoinZoom are a safe haven for cautious investors.


The CoinZoom Fiat/Crypto Visa Cards

Without further ado, let’s look at the features and utility of five different CoinZoom Visa card options.


First, there’s the Select card that only requires 1000 in Zoom (token) holdings to buy in. With a 1% rewards system and ZoomMe global remittance capacity of $500 per day, this is a handy card for the entry-level participant.


The Preferred card requires 3000 Zoom tokens as a buy-in, but comes with a 10% trading fee discount and 2% in card rewards, up to a $2500 referral reward limit. Users get ZoomMe capability of up to $1000 per day.


With the Gold card, which has a 12,000-Zoom token minimum, the trading fee discount is 20%, and rewards are 3%. Users can send ZoomMe amounts of up to $2500 per day, and the rewards limit is $5000.


As you might expect as a student of incremental increases, the Platinum card offers 35% in trading fee discounts and 4% in rewards up to $20,000, with a 50,000-Zoom buy-in.


The top offering is the CoinZoom Black Visa card that requires holders to invest 100,000 Zoom.

Trading fee discounts of 50% and rewards of 5% make this an attractive addition to your wallet. ZoomMe capacity is $10,000 per day, and the rewards limit is $50,000.

Card holders can seamlessly spend cryptocurrency with millions of merchants worldwide, and enjoy all of the other features of the Zoom ecosystem backed by a registered cryptocurrency exchange that has U.S. compliance in its pocket. CoinZoom is a registered MSB money services business in all 50 U.S. states, and is pursuing global money transfer transmitter status in the two remaining states where that’s not already accomplished (NY and Hawaii). The exchange is also registered as a digital currency exchange in Australia, and is working with EU regulators to get e-money licensing there.

With experience in KYC/AML and FinCEN standard evaluation among CoinZoom top brass, traders are participating in an ecosystem with regulatory skill at the very top, and compliance as a core philosophy. Think about adding any of these attractive CoinZoom Visa cards to free up your trading and spending potential.