Coinspectator Aggregator Delivers reliable real time news for Crypto investors

Coinspectator Aggregator Delivers reliable real time news for Crypto investors

In a market as volatile and ever-changing as cryptocurrency, it is essential for investors to have the most up to date information about prices and influencers.  When news breaks, investors need to be able to get facts and analysis to be able to move quickly and decisively. The ability to be able to get all the latest news from the most trusted and reliable sources, in one place puts users at an advantage over the rest of the field. is a cryptocurrency news aggregator that provides an all-encompassing level of coverage to cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts.  The site takes news from not only top crypto and blockchain news sources but also from mainstream financial news sources, ensuring that the product delivers the most accurate news in the most timely fashion.

The community votes on the merit of each post and users can sort the list to view the most upvoted or “Top” news, and the most recent or “Latest” crypto and blockchain stories. The search feature on the site allows users to filter through a number of mediums such as videos, blogs, or forums, and more.

Investors often use the mood of social media comments to judge the direction of markets, so relevant comments from investors and influencers alike are welcomed nuggets of information.

A “Discussion” search will bring you results of people’s reactions on popular sites like Reddit, while an “Influencers” search will bring you results directly from the most important and influential cryptocurrency experts and personalities.

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The voting system helps to define the overall feeling of the market and the validity of the sources by giving users the ability to vote not just on an upvote/downvote basis, but on a more specific level.
Users can label articles as “Bullish”, “Bearish”, “Shilling”, or “Fud”, giving Coinspectator users a more vivid view of the day’s news.

Some people may want to specifically search for press releases from blockchain companies, but others may be looking for a more critical third party commentary.  The “PR” filter is a useful tool for either of these readers and fits in perfectly with the site’s theme of being able to separate essential news from the fluff.

The site offers a number of tools that investors can take advantage of to keep themselves as informed updated as possible regarding all things cryptocurrency.  In the ICO section, you’ll be able to sort the ICO list to see which projects are hottest, which are coming up, and which are ending soon.

Coinspectator’s ICO list section even offers a scam watch function to help investors identity dangerous and disingenuous blockchain startups to avoid.  The Coinspectator team does not allow for community voting on ICOs which is an important feature deployed by the news aggregator.

ICOs being eligible for community voting could lead to manipulation by ICO marketers and could ultimately result in the proliferation of scam coins. Instead, users are presented with a nonbias resource that even shows which of these companies are fraudulent.

 For investors, up to date news and information can be the difference between big gains and significant losses. is a useful free tool that investors should take advantage of in the midst of the rollercoaster ride that is cryptocurrency.  

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