Clout.Art Restores Australian Artist’s Lost Instagram Handle @Metaverse Via A Special NFT

Clout.Art Restores Australian Artist's Lost Instagram Handle @Metaverse Via A Special NFT

An Australian artist with Instagram handle @metaverse has recovered the handle after she was locked out of it following Facebook rebranding to Metaverse. The artist who has used the account for nearly a decade attempted to log into it on November 2 and was denied access. Instagram sent her a message “Your account has been disabled for pretending to be someone else.”

All attempts to prove legitimate ownership of the account were futile until she discovered an NFT she minted on 30 October this year. She was checking out an NFT platform capable of minting NFTs from social media posts. The platform known as Clout.Art can transfer all data and value from Web2 to Web3 through a specialized minting process.

The platform minted an NFT of her first-ever Instagram post and handle by creating a verified social-to-wallet identity pair that stored her @metaverse handle on-chain via a public wallet address. She minted her first Instagram post and named it ‘Metaverse Flamingo’ and had the Web3 version alive.

It was the minted NFT that was used to verify her ownership of the Instagram account to which she has gained access again. The proof was incontestable as an on-chain proof, and this is what NFTs are all about. She was speaking on the importance of being able to prove ownership of one’s identity when she said:

“We live in a system where our data or identity can be locked and deleted seemingly out of nowhere. If you are an artist and your main source of income depends on your online presence, you can not afford to lose it for nothing. You need a way to validate your ownership.” 


Baumann will be auctioning the NFT on Clout.Art on December 21, 2021, starting at 10 am UTC. The proceeds will be put in her punk fund to sensitize artists on NFTs and monetization opportunities in the space. She will be holding a live AMA on December 20 at 10 am UTC on Twitter Spaces.