Charlie Lee Optimistic About Litecoin (LTC) Hitting $400 Soon

Charlie Lee Optimistic About Litecoin (LTC) Hitting $400 Soon

With the recent rise in the price of major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies, Litecoin founder and cryptocurrency enthusiasts believes that the price of Litecoin (LTC) will soon reach $400. This the said is due to a lot of effort they are putting into it, to achieve the record-breaking feat.
Litecoin and others suffered a dip in price some months back, with Bitcoin even going below $6,000 at some point, though the tables are turning and the coins are bouncing back, making higher highs. The upward turn in the prices of major coins including Litecoin gave renewed hope to investors, traders and operators alike.
Reiterating the optimism of the community is the founder of Litecoin, Charlie Lee who tried his best to appease the rest of the community to keep faith with the coin, as all hands are on deck to change the fortune of the coin and that the dividend will be fruitful in the nearest future.
Charlie Lee, who at a point was condemned for abandoning his project, Litecoin, a condemnation he kicked against via a tweet on his verified Twitter handle, he said “I’m trying my best to get LTC to $400, so people like you will stop shitting on me all the time. Who abandoned LTC?” he asked rhetorically.
Earlier in the week, Litecoin struck a deal with TokenPay, a partnership that led to the establishment of Litecoin Foundation, an independent entity, who recently acquired a 9.9% stake in German-based, WEG Bank.
TokenPay passed its share of its acquisition of the German financial institution to Litecoin foundation in exchange for their technical assistance in advancing the banks plans to bring cryptocurrency payment solutions to customers, and Litecoin will also work with TokenPay in its various blockchain projects.
The founder of Litecoin foundation, Charlie Lee said he’s looking forward to integrating Litecoin with WEG bank and all its various services so that the buying the coin will be very easy.
With so many things in store for the project, analysts are of the opinion that the effort of the founder might just yield the desired result in the not too distance future, as Litecoin is regarded as the smarter version of Bitcoin in some quarters.