Charles Hoskinson Touts “Very Significant Performance Improvements” To The Cardano Node

Cardano Adds Another Pillar Of Technology As Highly-Anticipated Shelley Upgrade Successfully Goes Live

Cardano has been very active with updates this year. The proof-of-stake blockchain recently launched the Shelley upgrade. The network is now planning to introduce the new Cardano node, version 1.19, and a new rolling release of Daedalus wallet.

Announced by the CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) Charles Hoskinson, the upcoming updates will introduce notable performance improvements to the Cardano network.

Upcoming Features And Functionalities

The creator of Cardano, who also doubles as the CEO of IOHK recently went live on Youtube to share the details of the upcoming releases. First, he noted that Daedulus version 2.2 will be released on August 20. He goes on to explain that it will be coming out with the new node version 1.19 which will bring about “very significant performance improvements”. Pending some formalities, IOHK is eyeing a Thursday release for all users — Mac, Linux, and Window.:

Some aspects of the software are 100 times faster, and QA is reporting that everything looks pretty good so far. So there’s still some formalities and last-minute checks that need to be done. But if there’s nothing discovered today, all things knock on wood, we should be looking at a Thursday release.”

Per Hoskinson, this release will entail improvements on sync speeds, chain validation and revalidation, and also improvements on the open closing of the database. As such, the issues that users were experiencing over the past couple of weeks in the Shelley era have been resolved with the new node release.

While there’s still more work to be done on optimizations and further improvements, Hoskinson is proud of what the IOHK team has been able to accomplish over the past two weeks. 


The Future Of Cardano

The Cardano network has mainly focused on Shelley — the upgrade that introduced staking rewards to ADA holders — until recently after it went live. Hoskinson postulated that they are “digesting Shelley pretty well” as well as learning more about it now that it is already in the market.

The project is now collecting a lot of business and technical requirements for more features and functionalities that will make staking easier, especially for small operators.

Besides working on improving the portability and security of the Daedalus wallet, Cardano is also working on multi-signature or multisig transactions. In fact, Hoskinson describes it as a “high priority” for the firm.

So far, everything looks great. “If this is the trend, we’re going to get so strong by the Q4-Q1 timeframe where it’s really going to be crazy to see how quickly things move in that direction, so I’m pretty happy about that,” Hoskinson concluded.

Overall, Cardano aims to achieve complete decentralization and a higher transaction throughput capacity. And with Shelley now done and dusted, the next stages for Cardano will be Goguen and Basho.